Yay! It’s Off!!!

We went to the hospital today. The cast came off and Kyah had another x-ray. It shows her tibia is completely healed and the avulsion fracture in her fibula has actually moved closer toward the main portion of the fibula; which is fantastic. Apparently this bone chip may move closer to the fibula and actually connect and heal… One can hope. Even though there will be no long term negative effects of having an avulsion fracture, we are now hoping and believing it will heal completely.

The specialist poked and prodded her foot and there was no pain at all. Yay! It is very atrophied (no muscle), still swollen and bruised but Kyah is able to flex and extend her foot minimally.

Kyah has been given a moon boot to wear for the next 6 weeks. She is to now progress from partial weight bearing to full weight bearing and when we go back in 6 weeks it is expected she will be out of the moon boot.

Now the hard work begins. Lots of stability and strength work to be done. Hopefully the left foot and leg that is on Kyah will soon look like it actually belongs to her! I’m sure it won’t be long.

Needless to say Kyah is extremely happy to have the cast off. She now has something to look forward to and some goals to set.

First thing she did when we got home was soak her foot and leg, and wash and scrub it. Let’s just say – it needed to be washed, scrubbed, cleaned, exfoliated.

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