Winding Up the Year

Well the year is coming to close and very quickly. Kyah had the hide to tell me today it is 763 hours until Christmas! That was something I did not want to hear.

Kyah has finally finished all her school commitments for the year. All tests and assignments have been handed in. She has two weeks to go. Goodness knows what they will be doing in the final two weeks, with no formal requirements.

Now it is wind up time from this current school. Distance education has been good for Kyah in the sense that it has taught her to learn independently. she has had to be self directed and motivated and aware of deadlines. Sometimes, the workload has been far too much and something has been handed in late, but always with permission. Mostly though, Kyah has managed to hand her assessments and assignments in on time and do her tests either on or before the due date. So I think that was a success.

I am looking forward to Kyah going back to a normal school environment; where she will be around other kids, particularly, the group of kids that are in the academy program with Kyah. It will be a bit foreign for Kyah initially, but I am sure she will adapt.

We went to Brisbane this week to have the school interview and have a look around the school facilities. Kyah has danced at the dance studios before, so that is a positive; one familiar aspect.  We have been warned that the program is very intense and there is no time for R & R. I will be keeping a very close eye on Kyah for signs of fatigue, tiredness, no energy, and just simply being worn out. I can imagine it is a huge load. But she will manage; bit of a shock to the system initially.

Kyah about 10 years ago. Thanks Veronica for the pic.

A whirlwind trip to Sydney was had last weekend. Kyah managed to see her dad’s side of the family while I was doing my course. She enjoyed her time with them. She also enjoyed seeing my dad and his wife. It was nice to see them again. Monday morning we needed to get up at 3.45am to be at the airport by 5am. Then the flight home. By that evening we were both a bit weary – we had been up since 2.45am QLD time. It probably more hit us on Wednesday evening. We are now starting to feel less tired.

With the permission form Queensland Ballet, Kyah auditioned for a performance coming up next year.  The audition took all day; 9am-3pm on a Saturday in November.  As yet it is extremely confidential, and we won’t hear if Kyah has been successful or not until early next year. So, sorry, no-one can know what it is for, until we are given permission to talk. But that was a great experience for her. Something totally different to ballet.

We went down to Byron Bay to see Les Sylphides and The Rite of Spring. Kyah was supposed to be performing in it, but I decided to pull her out a few weeks ago so she could finish school, focus on herself and not feel too overloaded with everything she needs to get done. The performance was great, thank you Byron Ballet for a lovely evening. We look forward to the next performance from them.

I have been sending Kyah to a Pilates session every week now. This one is taught by an ex-dancer, and she loves working with fellow dancers. Kyah is working hard and Sylvie has my permission to push her. After each session, Kyah looks pretty tired and I can see she is getting stronger, which is great.

There is so much for us to do before the start of next year. Packing Kyah up, organising uniforms for school and the ballet academy, Christmas, visitors, and life. This weekend, I am taking Kyah to Nimbin markets. She has wanted to see them for a while, so we are going there on Sunday, before we have lunch with my aunty. My uncle, her husband died in august this year, so a visit about now is probably welcome.

We have also watched a few dance / ballet movies this week. White Nights, starring Mikhail Baryshnikov, Helen Mirren and Gregory Hines. some amazing dancing in that. A Ballerina’s Tale, a doco about Misty Copeland. Great movie. She is lovely to watch  – so strong, yet graceful. And, finally La Bayadère, a documentary about the ballet productions by Robert Nureyev.  Again, some beautiful dancing. I am amazed at how much Kyah knows about the ballet world. Who is who, where they dance, what music belongs with dances, what the dance steps are.

For the Spirit God gave us does not make us timid, but gives us power, love and self-discipline. 2Ti 1;7



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