Week three



This photo was taken 2 months ago at home. Kyah’s feet in pointe shoes.

This week we are really looking forward to Kyah getting the cumbersome cast off and having it replaced with a fibreglass one. Kyah continuously comments that it is so uncomfortable for her. Also, it is heavy, really heavy; I was trying to move her leg when she initially injured her foot I noticed how heavy it was. Her knee is now swelling from the load on it and that too is causing pain and discomfort. Pain relief is still almost a daily requirement, but not as seemingly urgent as it was. The foot is not swelling as much as it did, and therefore both malleolus (ankles bones) are not rubbing on the cast as much.

We are both trying to look to the positives in all of this. Sometimes it is hard to find one, but knowing that every trial we face here on earth has the journey of a lesson we must learn behind it, is sometimes the only positive aspect. If we are learning to draw more from God, that can only be positive. No matter the outcome, if we are learning that, then it is a good thing.

Monday: While I was working, a friend of ours, Heather, took Kyah out to the movies and lunch. Thank you Heather, Kyah really enjoyed the time with you. Her foot was swollen afterwards, but the mental and emotional benefits of the time spent with you was well worth it.

Tuesday: Kyah’s trip to Nika this week was again very positive. She is so encouraging with Kyah and they are focusing on the things Kyah is able to do, not what she cannot do at the moment. There is a life after the cast and they are preparing for that. We are all hoping this cumbersome cast comes off tomorrow.

Wednesday: After a rather long wait at the fracture clinic, we were called in for an X-ray of Kyah’s foot. Having such a thick, heavy cast on, did not permit a really clear X-ray, but the bony structure of her foot could be seen. It showed that all the bones are in place and it looks quite structurally sound. The avulsion fracture of her fibula was still visible; this should not cause Kyah any grief at all, (hence no operation necessary). The fracture of her tibia was not as visible compared to the initial X-ray, which indicates that is healing, which is fantastic.

We then needed to sit and wait to see the specialist. Both of us were anticipating the removal of this cumbersome cast due to the positive X-rays. When we got to go in and see the specialist, we were told, the cast needs to stay on another week. Oh no! How disappointing. Why? Apparently because the fracture was such and unstable and extreme fracture they wanted to keep the foot fixed and stable for another week. If they replaced the cast this week, they may destabilise the whole foot and cause further problems and risk permanent damage. So even though the knee is terribly swollen, and painful, the cast must stay on another week. The knee is the least of Kyah’s concerns; once the cast comes off the swelling will subside and the knee will return to normal. Again, something we are believing for – complete healing.

So very disappointing for Kyah. We must look at the positives; at least the specialists are thinking long term complete healing and reducing the risk of any injuries and destabilising in the short term. So as hard as it may be, Kyah needs to wear the cumbersome cast for another week. Let’s just trust that we are in the right hands and God is watching over Kyah and ensuring she is being given the right medical advice. Patience is also a skill we both need to learn. This is a good way to test that skill.

Thursday and Friday were “normal” days with icing, elevating, school, rest, and now the added issue of “reality” knocking on the door. How bad was this injury? How long will Kyah have to wear the cast for? If she needs to wear this one for another week, then will she have to wear the next one for? Will she have to wear a moon boot after wards? How long for? This could really be a very long rehabilitation process, especially if she is in a cast for months and months. Morale was getting lower.

It is amazing how some people (in general), can be quite negative about the possibility of Kyah ever dancing again, let alone professionally which is her dream. Children are generally very optimistic, and I am definitely telling Kyah she will be able to achieve her dreams, and God’s will for her, because He is in control. Not dancing is not an option for her. She is on a journey now, learning lessons, she needs to learn. There is no reason she will not be able to dance again. I have said to her many times that when she does get back to dancing, she will be one of the most successful dancers because she knows how to deal with abuse, negativity and hard work. She has had to fight to get where she is, every step of the way. That is character building, and that has been teaching her to push into God to have Him be her strength and her guide every step of the way.

Saturday: Kyah caught up with someone she has just met. Emily lives just around the corner, does Distance Ed, is an ice skater and just a really nice girl. It was lovely meeting both Emily and her mum. After a morning tea, both Kyah and I decided we would like to encourage more contact and hopefully develop a friendship between the two girls. Their paths have been very similar in a lot of aspects and they seem to have a lot in common, including the superficial life aspects.

We also went to Mia’s birthday party. Kyah had a great time. Our lovely friends made Kyah feel so welcome at the party. Even though Kyah was not able to participate in some party activities, she was sitting, watching the kids doing things, Kyah was happy for them, she was enjoying being a part of it all. Charmaine was able to modify some activities so Kyah was able to participate and she felt like part of the celebrations. Thank you so much Charmaine, Mia and Chloe – you are beautiful people.

Sunday was a day of rest for Kyah. Neither of us are sleeping properly, so rest is a good thing to help with the healing. I notice Kyah is getting more concerned about the possibility of never being able to dance again. She is becoming agitated with not being able to get around, not being able to dance, not being able to stretch, just so frustrated with being stuck where she is and having no way out, except having to walk the journey. It is hard, she knows she has to do it, but doesn’t want to. Like most of us, we know there are things we have to do, and we will procrastinate and avoid doing it as much as we can, in order to avoid the pain, because usually it is painful, but we know the outcome is a better us. It is definitely a journey we are on and eventually those of us who try to put our heads in the sand and pretend it is not happening will have to come up for air at some stage and then it will be time for us to take our journey. May as well face it head-on when the opportunity arises and this is what Kyah is doing.

Life is nice when you surround yourself with lovely people; we definitely have some nice people around us. A huge thank you to those of you who are showing support, and interest in Kyah and her progress.

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