Week 4

Here we go again. Another week, let’s try to stay positive. It is very hard when you are being attacked spiritually. Both Kyah and I were very agitated and just bringing it out on each other. Thankfully, I had planned to drop Kyah to a dear friend, Ruth, for the morning. I then went to work. As life would have it, I met a lovely lady, Liz. We chatted and she knew straight away the attack we were under. She prayed with me and immediately I felt better. When I picked Kyah up, I knew she was in a different place too. Thank you God.

We then went to Kyah’s dance teacher. Again, although she was disappointed the cumbersome cast was kept on, we need to look at the long term gains for the short term pain. They did some choreography for her repertoire she is performing in New Zealand next April and some choreography for her classical and contemporary solos she will be doing next year. The positivity of Nika is fantastic, the fact she is so accommodating with Kyah is wonderful. Kyah is able to focus on her passion for a period of time, and still have goals and something to strive for. Actually doing the dance practice is bringing the unknown closer to reality.

Wednesday we went back to Gold Coast University Hospital. Both Kyah and I had imagined from last weeks report that we would be told she would have to have a cast on for months just to make sure the foot / ankle joint was stable. We went in to see the doctors anticipating the worst. Doctor Anthony initially saw Kyah and he said there was no reason why she could not have this cumbersome cast taken off and have a fibreglass cast put on. He checked with Doctor Simon and he too confirmed there was no reason why she can’t have the cast taken off, a fibreglass cast put on and she is able to start partial weight bearing! Wow! What a huge difference from last week. Not even 6 weeks since the injury and Kyah is able to partial weight bear! YAY! You cannot imagine the relief we were both feeling right then.

We then waited to be called in to the plaster ward. Richard was fantastic, he removed the cumbersome cast, wiped Kyah’s leg and foot. He allowed me to take photos of her foot, film it totally and have a good look at it and then he put the new cast on her. It had to be pink! If you know Kyah, then you know it has to be pink. Pink it is.  He even put a bow on it.

Naturally, her foot is swollen, still a bit bruised and not very mobile. The cumbersome cast had been digging in to one part of Kyah’s foot, so it has left a deep trench in her ankle. It must have been very uncomfortable, and yes, Kyah was complaining about the discomfort, but we were not to know that was what she was complaining about. Richard said we should have come back to get it changed, but we didn’t know the plaster was doing that. Anyway, the Emergency Department did the best they could, I’m certain they did not intend for a big piece of plaster to be sticking in to her foot where her break was, it was just where the fold  of the plaster was and instead of the fold coming out, it folded in….

The new cast is great. It’s pink. It has a bow and it is very light. The best thing is; she can now partial weight bear. Yay. It feels like a huge weight has been lifted from our shoulders. Maybe we can start thinking about moving forward now.

Once we got home that day, Kyah started to “partial weight bear”. Her interpretation of this initially is the touch her toes to the floor! I do hope this weight bearing increases over the next few weeks.

Kyah had already booked in for a workshop with Youth American Grand Prix; a company based in America that holds workshops and competitions around the world and helps bridge the gap between dancers and particular dance companies around the world. So even though Kyah was not able to participate, we both thought it would be a great opportunity for her to sit and watch and actually feel like she is still part of her dance world. She had loads of fun, even though she had to sit and watch – something that would have been a very difficult time for any dancer.

Then we were blessed by a visit from our dear friends the Howie’s. Love you guys. You just dropped everything and came to see us Kylie, as I said your presence was the most special thing you could have done for us, even though your offer of physical assistance was made. Your company and your beautiful children playing with Kyah was lovely. Thank you.

Kyah went to see her new friend, Emily again and she had a great time. I’m hoping that friendship develops, they both seem to be on the same wave length and they are both very mature.

Then Sunday we had more friends come over to visit. Thanks, Kate and Misha. There was lots of laughing going on with the girls while Kate and I chatted.

Thank you everyone for your kinds words, thoughts, prayers and time. Just having people around us is definitely helping Kyah keep her spirits up, and now with the great news Kyah can start to partial weight bear is fantastic – so soon after such an horrific injury. Prise The Lord. img_6192





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