Week 2

img_6043This week was spent icing and elevating Kyah’s foot at every possible moment. We need to get her swelling down and pain levels under control in order to boost her confidence and general morale.

We had already had a day at Harbourtown organised with a dear friend of Kyah’s, Ebony. We were not going to miss that because of a broken foot! So 1 week after the accident, what does any normal girl do??? She goes shopping! So, we went shopping!!! Praise The Lord for wheelchairs. We had hired a wheelchair for home, to make life easier, with the leg extension attachment, this was the perfect shopping accessory for the girls. The 2 girls had so much fun going around Harbourtown, doing lots of retail therapy. Many shop assistants and even customers moved clothes racks so the girls could meander through the shops and look at the clothing. One shop even opened up a special change room so Kyah could fit in there with her wheelchair. We caught up with another friend, Gerry, who was our entertainment for the day (thanks Gerry). We even managed to fit a movie in there as well. That day was very special for Kyah, thank you so much Ebony, you are a beautiful person.

Doing school work was a challenge; it was very hard for Kyah to focus on school when her foot was hurting constantly, the raw pain of freshly broken bones, both of these rubbing on the plaster, the foot swelling to beyond the size of belief, and the questions of her future always lurking in the forefront of her mind.

A blur of a week again with the shock of her accident finally becoming a reality for us.

Seeing Kyah’s new dance teacher, Nika, was a huge blessing. She is so positive, encouraging, caring and concerned for Kyah, it is such a breath of fresh air. Recently Kyah has been through a very tough time with some real negative situations and comments being made by people that were supposed to be building her up for her dance career. This had been happening over a period of time,  so much so, that her self-esteem and self-belief were almost non-existent. It was time to move on. The past is in the cast – our new motto. Move on from all the negativity, once this cast is off, there is to be no reference to the negative aspects of the past at all.

Kyah is performing at an  international dance competition in April 2017.  Nika and Kyah are going to start working on her set repertoire and choreography for her dances. Even though no legs will be involved for the interim, the upper body can be used. Mental imagery can also be a huge tool for success  with any athlete. This will also give Kyah a focus, something she is familiar with and is her absolute passion. Again, we are praying every day, God allows her to dance again; with that blessing He gave her – such a beautiful ballerina.

Trying to do rehab is a no-go at the moment. The weight of the cast and pain in her foot are the huge restricting factors. She is not able to get her body into any positions to work her trunk or left upper leg at the moment, but having a rest is probably a good thing. Her body is recovering from a huge trauma and needs some time out.

Even trying to stretch to maintain her excellent flexibility is a challenge. Stretching certain muscles directly impacts on her leg, which then impacts on her fibula which is causing her a lot of grief. Let’s just hope this heavy, cumbersome cast comes of next Wednesday so Kyah can do something that makes her feel good – stretch and move. Not being able to move is a huge depressor when you have been active and dancing 11 of your 13 years of existence.

There have definitely been some down times this week with trying to move forward and maintian the positive attitude, but the pain is such a restricting factor it does tend to get you down, no matter how much you try to stay positive. I continue to say to Kyah that when she gets back to dancing, she will be one of the most determined, strong-willed dancers in the world. She will know where her strength comes from (Our Lord) because He is our all and we are totally dependent on Him for everything. This is part of her journey she must walk and realise.

The end of the week saw us give our trampoline to some friends of ours. It was Kyah’s decision to give it away, and I agreed. She would never enjoy the trampoline again, so it needed to go somewhere it would be utilised and enjoyed. Our friends are under strict instructions not to do aerials, flips, somersaults or anything else that is high risk. Even though Kyah had done it thousands of times before, this one time, something went wrong. It could have been much worse, and praise The Lord it wasn’t.

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