We Wait Now

Kyah has been wanting to get into Queensland Ballet for a few years now. For one reason or other, the opportunity has not come up for Kyah. Now the opportunity is here. Queensland Ballet have an excellent reputation around the world and from what we have seen, the way the dancers are taught, nurtured, moulded and respected is something we would like Kyah to be a part of.

Last week, was the big audition day – September 9, 2017, for Queensland Ballet Senior program. “Senior Program” means, if she is successful she would dance with Queensland Ballet “full time”. Basically this means she would do year 10 school and dance every day with Queensland Ballet. They are affiliated with a local high school and they offer a program specifically for these dancers. Something Kyah would love to do. It is a great age for her to get into a ballet company, so they can nurture, mould and teach her hopefully with the intention of her progressing into becoming a company member at some stage.

The week leading up to the audition, Kyah had a terrible flu, but really rested; lots of fluids, nothing but healthy foods, no dancing for 5 days, sitting in the sun and just trying to get over the flu that has hit so many people in Australia this season. By Friday, the day before the audition, we thought Kyah was well enough to dance, so she had a session with Clare, which was probably really good for her – just to move again and feel “normal”.  Even though Kyah still had a chesty cough, we decided she was much better than she had been, and she was able to dance and she did not want this opportunity to pass for another 12 months.

The night before the big audition wasn’t too stressful. There was lots of praying and thinking positive. We even moved a room around at home!

She was comfortable, she was familiar with the facilities, the faculty, and did not have any unnecessary stressors to put her off. She has done so many workshops there in the last 18 months, she is quite familiar with the place. This is how we wanted it.

I became more anxious as the audition time went by. For the most part, I was good, but as the time came  closer for me to pick her up I became more anxious, just not knowing anything about how she had performed, what was happening in there, how she felt, all the questions that I had, I literally had no idea of what was happening or what had happened.

She finally walked out with a smile on her face! That was a good sign.  Kyah said she felt really good while she was dancing. She felt good warming up, knew the room, the floor, the exercises, didn’t cough too much, her flu didn’t affect her negatively. Everything seemed to be just right.

Now we wait. We won’t hear if she has been successful or not until about early to mid October. It is in His hands now. We have done all we can for the time being with this avenue.

Just waiting, patiently

If she is successful, it will be a major life change for us. If she isn’t successful, well, it’s back to the drawing board – where to from here???

Tomorrow she is auditioning with Melbourne City Ballet to perform with them in Byron Bay. They are doing A Midsummer Night’s Dream. The audition is in the morning and if she is successful, she gets to perform with them at 2.30pm and 7.30pm the same day. Hopefully she gets in; it would be a great experience for her. It will be a very quick experience, but valuable anyway.

School term finishes today, thank goodness. It has been nothing but a whirlwind of work, and reading, and assessments, and stress, and then, add to that, her dance commitments. The next 2 weeks will be lovely for her to rest and try to regather her thoughts, reorganise her room and herself, ready for the last term… another onslaught of work.

Just waiting.

Some relaxing days ahead, while we wait. Psalm 5:3 In the morning, LORD, you hear my voice; in the morning I lay my requests before you and wait expectantly.

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