We Got Our Car Back

Today Kyah did some rehab and strength work at the gym while I was working. They are very long days at the gym, but especially for Kyah, trying to entertain herself for hours on end. The rehab and school work I have her doing breaks the day up a bit for her. She also does some filing, and helps the 2 reception girls when they need it. She could be called the “Junior Office Manager”. The experience is invaluable and at the moment I’m sure Kyah does not realise the skills she is learning.

After work today we raced up to Broadbeach, to return the hire car we had from the car accident. Then had to catch a taxi back to the smash repairs to collect our car. The taxi driver was rather strange: he had his ear phones in one ear for his phone and had the mouth piece in his mouth and talking really quietly, and he was playing on some computer thing near the steering wheel the entire 30 minute trip. We almost had 4 accidents…. Anyway, the car looks nice and new again; no scratches or dents and the boot opens and closes properly. We are happy.

Then we raced to Robina shops to do some Christmas shopping and buy Kyah’s grandpa a birthday present. Although Kyah is walking mostly without support anymore, I notice she is still struggling with correct propulsion of her foot. She doesn’t seem to be able to walk properly onto her toes, even though her cubiod is now in place. This will have to be worked on immediately – we cannot have compensatory patterns developing.

I do notice that her left foot and calf are still slightly more purple than her right which indicate poor venous return – her little muscles aren’t working properly to help the blood flow return back up her leg. A task that must be dealt with immediately.

I have managed to purchase some specially made essential oils that are supposed to help with healing injuries specific to what Kyah had – a fracture and soft tissue involved. I am getting Kyah to put it on regularly – supposed to be every 4 hours, and we will see if it helps with the healing process. Anything safe is worth a try. If it works, everyone will know about it. I am more than happy to recommend a product if it works.

We hope you are starting to get into the Christmas spirit.


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