Watching the Grass Grow

Today was another day filled with much of the same. I worked, Kyah did some rehab. Sometimes the routine of life – even though it is different to what it was, can be like watching grass grow.

We have had some spectacular storms here and some great rain to go with the light shows. The grass that was under the trampoline still has not grown – mostly because I am not making a point of watering it. When the trampoline was there, I had placed a garden mat under the trampoline to deter the grass from growing, because moving the trampoline every time I needed to mow the lawn was a nightmare. So, to stop the need for mowing, I needed to stop the grass from growing. The mat worked.

Once the trampoline was gone, the mat was taken up and there was a big patch of no grass. The patch is getting smaller and the area is recovering. Similar to Kyah’s foot – the ankle is getting smaller in size and it is recovering – albeit slowly.


The small steps are the important ones, because they seem to be the permanent ones. They are also the hardest to continue being motivated to do. Each week now, I think we need to look at an aspect of Kyah’s healing to keep her motivated and on track.

Time is ticking and she has a summer workshop to participate in early January, for 5 days straight! This is on flats, but the ability and endurance must be there. Please keep praying, those of you that have been, your prayers are so appreciated and felt.


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