Walking Again

Hooray! Kyah is back to walking fairly normally again. It only took 5 days for her foot to settle down, so she could actually get back to walking “properly” again and think about doing her rehab. A bit of a shame it flared up so badly, we will have to keep that in mind for next time she has treatment.

So we are now back into the rehab.

Unfortunately, we had someone run up the back of us yesterday in the car. A young P-plater, wasn’t concentrating behind us, and she hit us in the car. Both of us now have a very stiff sore neck and back. That’s OK, may as well add the back and neck to the list of rehab exercises…. Hmmm, something we could have done without…  We are very fortunate the accident happened in slow traffic, so the accident wasn’t bad at all. But it is still an inconvenience.

We will have to book in to see our trusty chiropractor colleague, Darren. He has worked absolute wonders for both of us, so I’m sure a stiff sore back and neck is easy for him to fix.


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