Visitors Arrive

Well, so far, so good. We have managed to keep the routine of the rehab, stability and strength exercises every second day. Straight after I finished work, which was a half day today, we came home and got in and did the exercise session.

It is so important for the continuity to be maintained to ensure complete recovery, and that is what we are doing.

This is an exercise that we have modified to be more ballet specific. Most of my past clients will know the prone cobra is one of my most favourite exercises for all the benefits you achieve from performing it. Well we have made it specific for a ballerina. They need much more range in extension than the general population. Kyah definitely has great range in her back.


One of Kyah’s friends from down south arrived today. She is staying for a few days, which is wonderful. These two girls get on so well. They almost got straight into practicing┬ádance routines, and spent an hour or so dancing together. Then they sat down and chatted for a few more hours. It is good to see their interest and priorities are the same!!!

The next few days should be fun for the girls.


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