Up The Wall

Today we went to Planet Commando again. Kyah did really well with climbing, crawling, jumping, abseiling, and all the other things that are required to do the low ropes, navy seals and maze courses. No high ropes for us today – maybe next time.

This in itself is fantastic for increasing her self esteem, confidence and will power to push through a challenge. Not to mention the huge benefits of using her foot without her actually thinking about it and the strength gains she is achieving doing these activities without her even realising.

We are still in limbo as to what to do regarding dancing.

I just think Kyah needs to focus on herself for the time being. Deal with the absolute trauma she experienced and work through the emotions attached to that, to allow her to move on emotionally and mentally for life. Also when the opportunity arises for more dancing Kyah will be more than ready.

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