Time is Passing

Another week has passed by. Thankfully, it has been mostly positive. Kyah is enjoying the dance school on a Monday, all day. The social interaction she is getting there is as valuable as the dance instruction at the moment.

She is settling into full time school again. I think she is enjoying feeling like a “normal” child.  The week itself was fairly non-eventful. Just dance and school. The weekend however, was busy and fun.

Saturday we went to Brisbane and watched Queensland Ballet perform RAW. It is 3 dance pieces choreographed by different people, each with their own story. No Man’s Land, Glass Concerto and Ghost Dances.  All fantastic performances and thought provoking. We thoroughly enjoyed it.

Sunday we went and celebrated Emily’s birthday. Lunch, and a game of Laser Tag and Ten Pin Bowling helped pass the rainy afternoon yesterday. Kyah is becoming less aware of her foot as each day goes by. She was playing outside with SiSI and Corby the other day and came in and said that she almost did an aerial on the ground! This was the action that she did when she injured her foot, so both of us imagined she would never, ever do another aerial in her life. Time will tell now.

Her goal is to “jump” on a trampoline, even if it is only a few jumps, just to overcome the blockage she has in her mind that she can’t do it. She will. I am noticing she is becoming more determined and more focused on achieving her goals. These things can only come from intrinsic triggers, and she is obviously developing these triggers, and therefore determination, which is great. Her mental attitude is getting stronger, which is perfect.

We finalised our trip for New Zealand yesterday. It is now all booked. Let’s see how we go. There is no pressure on Kyah to perform; if she feels confident enough to, then she will perform, if not, she won’t. It will be her decision.

Relaxing before Queensland Ballet’s RAW

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