The Washing Soda Worked!

Can you believe it? The washing soda worked! Kyah woke up this morning and her foot was definitely less swollen that it has been in days. She said it even feels better.

We are so pleased. Now we must get back to the rehab – make up for lost time.

Kyah went to dancing today. First day she put a leotard and tights on since her accident.  She practiced her classical routines with her upper body. She did a little bit on her feet, but obviously not much. She even tried to put her ballet flats on and surprise, surprise, it did not fit her left foot; it is still too swollen to fit in her shoes. But it will come.

Kyah then stayed at Nika’s and did some rehab in the pool. She also did some homework there, and had dinner there! Kyah was totally immersed in the dance world again. She was so happy when I picked her up.

Let’s hope we don’t have any more set backs. The making of the tutus has to happen now, this too will encourage Kyah to keep on working.

img_6508   This is her foot before the washing soda

img_6513  This is her foot after the washing soda

Big difference. Pedicure is definitely on the “to do ” list…..

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