The Time Line

The time line has been drawn up. Kyah is doing her first eisteddfod in March 2017. She needs to make sure she is able to perform her classical and her contemporary solos properly, otherwise she may as well not perform them until later in the year. It is good ot have a deadline, to set goals and to challenge oneself. This will be a challenge for Kyah.

Nika has her practicing things that used to be a walk in the park for Kyah, like a grand jeté. For a long time Kyah has been able to jump high enough to get the height needed, as well as possess the flexibility for her to get into the splits while in the air  and then land gracefully and continue on dancing. Now with her foot, Kyah needs to retrain herself. It is more the confidence in taking off and getting enough height again, as well as landing gracefully and confidently, are both huge factors that must be dealt with. Anyone knows that recovering from a foot injury, you are apprehensive about jumping. Dancers jump quite high and they need to look and sound graceful Not an easy feat. This is where they are up to.

This photo was taken of Kyah in  March, 2016, doing a grand jeté. At the moment she is not able to achieve this, but we are hoping she will get there very soon.


Nika and Kyah have to deal with most of the choreography planned for Kyah, to ensure she is able to perform it correctly, as well as Kyah must believe in herself that she can perform it correctly. It is not just an issue of designing the choreography and hoping it looks good and the dancer performs it well. They both need to consider if Kyah is physically capable of performing the choreography at this stage, plus Kyah needs to believe she can perform it properly and will not injure herself again, and therefore be confident in her technique and execution of the steps, as well as perform it as perfectly as possible, so it looks good. This is much more of a challenge for them than if she hadn’t had the injury.

It is a lot of hard work for both of them, but we are believing and praying Kyah will get there.  “This is love for God: to keep his commands. And his commands are not burdensome”  1 John 5:3,

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