The Start of Rehab

We measured Kyah’s foot and compared it to her right foot. Took lots of photos so we can see the progress she is going to make.

There is quite a marked difference between left and right feet and calves. Hopefully this is the one and only time Kyah has a “cankle”.

Aim: delete the “cankle”, reduce the swelling, improve range, improve strength, improve function, improve stability, improve confidence.

We went out and about today, I was amazed at the negativity of some people. On 3 different occasions today, people told Kyah she will be lucky if she gets to walk again properly, let alone dance again, let alone at the level she wants to! How amazing that people who do not know Kyah would say that. Hang on, why would anyone say that to anybody anyway? Let’s try to instil positivity in all our children and maybe it will impact the world positively. (Dreaming big here).

The mental aspect of this rehab is going to be the hardest of all, and really Kyah does not need to be told by anyone she will never succeed. This is her journey and she and I are determined she will make it. This is her dream, her passion, her gift, and she will succeed.

Again, thank you to all of you who are encouraging Kyah. It really is giving her hope and determination.

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