The Sleepover

Kyah had a great time at the sleepover.Lots of fun, laughter, food and a late night. What more could a girl want with a sleepover?

Unfortunately, Kyah came back with a very sore foot. Who knows why?? Could be any thing. She was most upset and distressed because her foot was so sore. Plenty of reassurance, some gentle massage and strapping her foot so it couldn’t move solved the problem.

Nin drove Kyah to dancing because I was working. Thank you so much Scheuner family for helping me out with Kyah while I’m working. Kyah loved dancing . She danced on flats, but obviously not full out. She was totally strapped with tape so her ankle would not move at all.

When she arrived back at work, Jaclyn, a podiatrist, was at work explaining to me how to relocate the cubiod bone and suggested Kyah use a specific type of orthotic, that stimulates the nervous system. Once I saw how these orthotics work I was quite amazed. We will definitely be seriously considering getting some for Kyah once she can actually wear a shoe and fit her foot in it as well as the orthotic.

Anyway, rehab had to be done today – just for a change… Rehab everyday. Slowly but surely we must work to the goal.




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