The Royal Ballet

Today we went to see the Royal Ballet perform “Anastasia” in Covent Garden, with Kyah’s dance teacher, Nika. No, we didn’t go to London, We went to Brisbane and watched it as the performance was streamed across the world. It was beautiful. it is a great way to learn about a ballet, because there is a commentary before the performance and then certain contributors to the performance are interviewed in the intervals.

That took most of the day, which was lovely.

Kyah also did some rehab in the morning. It is such a long, slow process. Some days we have to search for the improvements, but looking on the bright side, she is not going backwards. If you look back even 1 week, Kyah was not able to stand on a wobble board on her left leg – so that is a huge improvement.

“I wait expectantly, trusting God to help, for he has promised”(Psalm 130:5 ).


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