The Power of Positive Thinking

Well, as this year comes closer to a close, the commitments of next year loom ever so soon. Kyah is doing her rehab every day. She is definitely reaping the rewards for the work she is putting in. Her ankle is a lot more stable than what it was. Again, I think it is more mental confidence for Kyah now. She wants to push hard in order to get results, but she doesn’t want to push too hard and end up going backwards. The concern of re-injuring her foot is in the forefront of her mind. Finding the perfect balance is the challenge; pushing hard enough for maximum gains, while going gently to avoid set-backs.

We have not really had any set backs other than the one where the physio mobilised Kyah’s foot and put her back a number of weeks.  Her foot does get sore and swollen some days, but generally it feels better by the next day, which is great. It is not normally sore for 3 or 4 days anymore.

I always speak positively around Kyah, regarding whether or not she will ever dance again, especially en pointe. I will not speak negatively over my child. This positive talk really has an impact on someone. The positivity rubs off on those around you. I can see it is definitely rubbing off on Kyah, praise God.

It is amazing how many people unconsciously speak negatively around us, when they either see one of Kyah’s foot photos, or hear what Kyah did. something negative seems to automatically come out of their mouth. Do they realise the power of the tongue?

The specialist said the best joint in the body to injure if you want to make a full recovery and more, is the ankle. When anyone speaks negatively about Kyah returning to dance, I always state this fact. I need Kyah to know this stuff and to believe it.

For Christmas, I bought her a couple of shirts (among other things). Kyah could choose which ones she wanted. This shirt is one of the ones she chose.  I think it is very appropriate at the moment.  Go Kyah, there are so many people believing in you.


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