The Pointe is Looming

Well today we discussed with Nika the need to purchase new pointe shoes for Kyah. Over the last 4 months her feet have grown and therefore the pointe shoes she was wearing pre-injury now no longer fit her properly. She has been managing to squeeze her feet into them but she has not been dancing properly at all in them.

Now we need to think about purchasing new pointe shoes, so Kyah  can start getting used to wearing pointe shoes again, and practice go up en pointe in correct fitting shoes, and then practice her routines in them and hopefully be able to actually dance en pointe. We need to give her the best opportunity possible to take this huge step.

Next Friday is the physio appointment where hopefully the physio will say Kyah is ready to try going en pointe. Next Saturday is the shoe fitting day. Kyah has a week to prepare herself mentally for this. This is the biggest barrier for Kyah, understandably so. I will be praying for the confidence and God’s assurance, presence and peace to be around her when we do go for the fitting. Something major needs to shift in her mind and that is what I am praying for. I thank all of you who have also been praying with us on this journey, please keep this in your prayers. Thank you all so much. The work is too heavy for you; you cannot handle it alone. Exo 18:18

Kyah has shown progress again today. She was practicing a “butterfly jump” for her contemporary routine. Not only does she need the confidence to take off with a jump, but she also needs an amount of height, and she needs the confidence and skill as well as the knowledge that she is going to land correctly, and again, she needs to look graceful and confident throughout the entire process. I think this is the highest I have seen her feet go for ages. Not sure how much load is on the barre…. Doesn’t look like too much.

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