The hard work begins

Well, Kyah is now able to partially weight bear. Yay! She has been placing her toes on the floor as she is walking through using her crutches. The plaster cast is flat on the bottom and quite well reinforced, so there is no flexibility or movement in the base of the cast. This is to support and stabilise the whole foot and ankle joint, but obviously makes walking properly difficult. Lucky she is not walking yet!

We are trying various ways of introducing weight bearing – sitting using a dura disc, lying using a foam pad, standing using a foam pad, “walking” using a foam balance beam, simply standing while placing weight on her foot. Kyah  did a session of about 20 minutes yesterday and her left foot and leg are now

quite sore.

We assume this is because she has not put weight on this leg and foot for 4 weeks. No pain, no gain. We also need to work on her entire left leg that has not done any weight bearing.

No road ahead. This is a good start for us. Kyah has nearly completed all her  requirements for home education, which was our plan. Do all home education while the cast is on, then when the cast comes off we have lots of time to do rehab. We are on track for that.


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