The Foot

Kyah did some rehab at the gym this morning before she was picked up by Emily and her mum, Becky.

Becky took the girls  to Harbourtown and they watched the movie “Trolls”. They thoroughly enjoyed it. They also did a bit of shopping – always a bargain or two to be snapped up at Harbourtown. Kyah managed to buy a skirt originally marked at $35. for $2. Not a bad buy.

Instead of going for a swim, the girls then opted to go home and play. Even though it is summer and yes, the days have been quite warm, today was not as warm as others have been. So they went home and chatted and played, and basically did what kids are supposed to do… be kids and enjoy life.

I looked at Kyah’s foot this morning and noticed that it is definitely getting smaller now. All of a sudden it is looking more normal than it has and I’m sure it is smaller. I will measure it with the tape measure tomorrow to confirm.

The achilles is the thing to be looking at now – it is very tight and needs a lot of work. Kyah is supposed to be doing a 5 day workshop in January and she really needs this foot and ankle in perfect condition to get through the 5 days unscathed.






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