The Foot Comparison

Today Kyah went with her friend, Emily, all day. They went to the pool and Kyah did lots of rehab in there; rises, squats and lots of gentle movements in the pool. This is all non-weight bearing – very minimal weight bearing, but Kyah said she moved up the pool so the water level was about waist height. This means there was more load on her foot which is great. The progression is slow but we are both very thankful there is progression.

We measured her foot today and compared it to the measurements we made November 2, 2016. Although the tape measure says the measurements are still the same, the foot definitely does look more defined, especially the cankle – it is going.

We would love to know what you think as to whether the foot is changing shape and looking better. The boney points are still the same girth and have not reduced as yet, and the foot is definitely still larger than the right one, but we think it is changing shape and looking a bit smaller. Perhaps, even looking more like a normal foot.

Every day we wait and hope for a significant improvement in Kyah’s foot. Something that will really encourage Kyah to keep going, keep pursuing her dream and her purpose.  The mental battle is the hardest and when she does overcome this mentally, she will be one very determined, young lady

Psalm 130:5 I wait expectantly, trusting God to help, for he has promised.


Photo taken November 2, 2016.



Photo taken December 1, 2016.



Photo taken November 2, 2016.


Photo taken December 1, 2016.



Photo taken November 2, 2016.


Photo taken December 1, 2016.

Thank goodness for photos. We think these show progress, but the measurements of the boney points have not changed. This definitely encourages Kyah. The cankle has almost gone – yay! Even the little burn she has on her foot is slowly getting smaller. I remember sitting on the trampoline holding Kyah’s leg, looking at her foot and I could see this red dot thing, obviously it was stretched and I was praying the bone would not pop through the skin – that is exactly what it looked like, it was ready to just rip through the skin at any moment. We are both so thankful there was no open wound at all. This would have been another story altogether.

One thought on “The Foot Comparison

  1. Anne Herman says:

    Definitely looking better…… would not have realised the huge difference without the photographs….. Kyah must maintain her determination …..and keep her eyes on the prize !!!!!!

    Good luck Kyah and keep up all that hard work …..

    Sending lots of love


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