The first week


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Coming home from hospital & back to our “normality”, that was no longer normal any more, felt so surreal. Where to from here? Will Kyah ever be able to dance again? How is her soft tissue: ligaments, tendons? Are they torn? We need to cancel so many planned dance events- the spring  workshop she was participating in, the upcoming RAD exam, her participation in the YAGP workshop, her audition with Queensland Ballet. So many normal things for us would not be a part of our lives for a period of time.

Would “normal” ever return?

It is amazing how your life can take a dramatic turn to the unplanned in an instance. Again, God knows all the plans He has for us. It was no surprise for Him. Just trying to tell Kyah that He loves her so much, & even though He did not do this to her, He will now use it for His glory & His purpose. She needs to draw from Him to find out what He wants from her.

As hard as it is, we need to stay positive & not deviate from the promises He has given us.

The first week was an absolute whirlwind of adjustment;keeping her pain levels under control with medication and constant ice packs around her plaster cast, foot elevated all the time to keep the swelling down. Every time her foot swelled up the 2 broken ankle bones would rub on the plaster cast causing a great deal of pain and discomfort. Notifying family, close friends and changing appointments that would not be possible for us to make in the near future. Keeping people up to date on her progress. Helping Kyah with everything.  Deciding and preparing to get all her home education done in the weeks she is in the plaster cast, so when it does finally come off, she is able to spend the majority of her time doing rehab – strengthening her ankle, improving its stability again, preparing her foot for pointe shoes again…. Also, praying all the time that Kyah would be ok; that His promises will come to fruition. Then life on top of that. So many things that needed to be done, everything takes time and a toll,  it was such a whirlwind.

The plaster was uncomfortable, cumbersome & made life hard. It was essential & Kyah knew that, but it didn’t make dealing with it any easier. She was only able to sit, stand and lie on her back. No other position was comfortable for her foot. The weight of the cast just hurt too much on the broken ankle bones.

Through the first week she was an absolute trooper. Hardly complained, felt bad that people were doing everything for her, & tried to help when she could.

We managed week 1; a few appointments had to be rescheduled, additional ones needed to be made, lots of ice packs used, lots of praying, searching for answers, not much sleep, but….all in all we managed.

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