The Dura Dome

Well, we are finally getting into some sort of normality again. Settling into full time dance, along with a different school and juggling work as well, has taken a few weeks for us to get some sort of routine happening. They do say it takes 3 weeks to form a habit – let’s hope we can keep up the plan for at least 3 weeks, so it feels like it is a routine and we are both not quite so tired.

Kyah is preparing for a pointe shoe fitting this coming weekend. She knows she needs to be prepared both mentally and physically. This stability tool was a Christmas present for her! Lucky for me I knew she needed one! Lucky for her I knew she needed one! Lucky for her she uses it too!

This way, the flat side down, is much easier than using it with the flat side up. She is doing pretty well at it. She could easily hold her leg up and maintain stability for at least 60 seconds.

This is the Dura Dome being used with the flat side up. Because Kyah is aiming to be a professional ballet dancer,  she needs to not only improve the stability in her ankles and feet,  but also improve the strength and function in her body when it is in certain positions that mimic ballet. The principle of specificity…. Simple. Again she was able to hold her leg up and maintain balance for at least 30 seconds each leg. A rather challenging task, if you ask me. Her ankle strength and stability must be improving.





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