The COVID-19 Intrusion

I am sure everyone in the world has been affected by, and are aware of, the COVID-19 pandemic. It has definitely caused a change in most people’s lifestyles, ours included.

Generally the first term of school and dance was pretty busy. The usual routine was maintained. There was a level of tension in the air with the potential threat of contracting COVID-19 from anywhere.

Kyah was attending school and ballet as usual up until week 8 of term one. At this stage I thought it best to remove Kyah from all unnecessary risk of contracting COVID-19, so I pulled her out of school and had her doing her schooling from home. The only way Kyah could get to ballet was utilising public transport, so I made the decision to pull her out of that as well.

Up until the government introduced regulations on restricting contact and reducing potential contagion environments, Kyah was doing her usual Pilates sessions 3-4 times per week, as well as her prehab, school and diploma work. Since the restrictions have been implemented and Kyah is not attending ballet or school, all her work is being done from home. She is getting up relatively early each day, using the gym at home every day; doing some dance specific exercises along with general fitness and strength activities. She is also enjoying a bit of down time. It is quite amazing how much more time we all seem to have. Minimal to no outings is really creating some free time at home. We have played some board games and done some online shopping. There are some real bargains to be had at this point in time; we have just taken advantage of a couple of these.

Her ankle impingement is getting much better now and she is able to go en pointe for up to 5-10 minutes at a time. The break from dance has been good in that sense – she has not missed much in regards to dance instruction and classes. We are both hoping her feet will be better before face-to-face dance resumes.

Kyah is accessing the QB physio online which is helping her. She is doing everything she is supposed to in order to recover from the impingements.

Kyah is ploughing through her business diploma. It is a bit tougher for her to do it at the moment because she does not have assistance from the tutor at school, and it requires her to find her own level of drive and commitment to get it done. We all know how easy it is to delay doing something when there is no immediate deadline. But, she seems to be getting it done.

She has also completed six of the seven modules for her online anatomy course. This is great. Once she’s completed that she can get started with the online portion of the Pilates Instructor course. I am hoping she may get that completed over the next few months and undertake a face-to-face course sooner than originally planned. But we will see how restrictions go and when Kyah actually completes all her schooling requirements.

Life itself has been fairly quiet for us. We have not been out much at all. We have had hardly anyone come to visit. And we have definitely not had any parties or gatherings as we normally would. We are trying to contact our friends that are totally isolated because of the COVID-19 on a daily basis. Some people live alone and do not go out at all. This is to prevent putting them at risk of contracting this dreaded virus, and some of these people need to go to these extremes. So we are trying to ring them and chat with them every day, just so they do not feel too isolated or alone.

As I told you last post, my dad, Kyah’s grandfather, is in a nursing home in northern NSW. This was great, because it meant we had access to see him. But now, unfortunately, due to COVID-19 the nursing home is in lockdown and the border between NSW and QLD is closed. This means we are unable to see dad. We try to ring him every second day just to hear his voice and check in on him. Apart from a fall last week and splitting his head open, and being on antibiotics for cellulitis in his arm, he seems to be doing well. He is in his own little world and it’s lovely chatting to him and seeing what “jobs” and “meetings” he has planned for the day in the “system”. Even though he seems to have lost all comprehension and awareness of where he is, who I am, who Kyah is, and he does not remember anyone  else, I am trying not to be upset. He has wanted for so long to get to heaven. So the day he closes his eyes on this earth will be the same day he opens his eyes in heaven – he will be totally healed, totally well and happy. I am focusing on that for Dad.

We learned a very valuable lesson very quickly. We were out last month and purchased a cold drink each. The shop we went to is trying to be environmentally friendly and serve up paper straws. The drinks looked and tasted amazing, but within 5 minutes of using the straw, mine broke! I had to wait until I got home to finish my drink. TIP: take your own metal straw wherever you go..


Today, we received a piece of Tarkett flooring from QB. This is so the dancers are able to practice on the correct flooring at home. It is looking like all instruction will be online from next week for at least 6-8 weeks, with a reassessment after that. This is all in line with the government’s guidelines and restrictions. Obviously no one wants to relax restrictions and open borders too soon and have to go through all of this again, so hopefully everyone will continue doing the right thing to eliminate COVID-19 from the planet (if that is at all possible). Australia is looking to be doing the right thing with only 25 new cases diagnosed over the last 24 hours. I think the real proof will be in two weeks. If these numbers continue to fall then it will indicate that all Australians have done the right thing over the Easter break. Here’s hoping.

So Kyah is gearing up for at least the next 6-8 weeks to be working from home for both school and dance. I too am gearing up for her to be home! I work mostly from home and although my work has slowed a lot due to COVID-19, I am trying to get other things done such as paperwork and courses. So we will see how we go. Alex is still living with us too. At the moment he is working each day. But if that stops, there will be three people here at home all day … every day!!! Please Australia, do the right thing, let’s get rid of COVID-19. I like my own space.

We hope you are all safe and well, and managing with the restrictions. We are so thankful the panic buying has ended. We went shopping one day for essentials such as meat and salad for dinner. We were shocked to see the number of shelves in the grocery store that were empty. The only option we had to choose from in the meat section was “Duck Fat”, yes Duck Fat!!  We could buy plenty of ironing board covers, air freshener and duck fat; three things we really did not need. Needless to say we did not purchase many items that day. The infamous hand sanitiser has not been seen on the shelves since late February, so I have been making my own. It is extremely effective and accessible, which is what matters to me.

This time of isolation, will test our resilience in more ways than one. Try to make the most of it; connect with those close to you and those around you who do not have anyone to support them. Go through those cupboards and boxes you have not gone through for many years, but have been meaning to go through. Try to undertake a regular exercise program; do something every day for your physical and mental well being. There’s loads of free stuff available to you. Here’s my Facebook Page Have a look on there and my You Tube channel.  Try to find the positives in this environment. Take care and stay well.

Romans 8:28  And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him, who have been called  according to His purpose. (NIV)

Isaiah 12:2  Surely God is my salvation; I will trust and not be afraid. The Lord, the LORD himself, is my strength and my defence; he has become my salvation. (NIV)

2 thoughts on “The COVID-19 Intrusion

  1. Anne Herman says:

    Such a difficult time for all……Kyah’s year is definitely unlike anything you both would have expected….a very different Year 12 – there will be many missed events and most importantly the academic challenges and socialising. Hopefully ballet also will continue online in some form, however that is even more challenging for the staff to manage….
    Keeping healthy and safe are essential at the moment; we are all participating in a giant experiment and thus far we have some promising results.
    Stay safe and look to better days ahead, when Kerrie , you will be able to visit your Father.

    • admin says:

      I totally agree with you Anne. We are all part of a huge experiment, on many different levels. Let’s keep working together to get the experiment over.

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