The Community Piano

Kyah came with me to work this morning. She got in and did her rehab, which was great. Most people at the gym know Kyah’s story now and are asking after her and encouraging her when they see her. That is lovely.

Emily and Becky picked Kyah up and they went to the movies. They watched Rogue One, at V-Max. The girls loved it. Then they spent a few hours at Robina shops. At the new Kitchens there is a community piano. Emily sat down and played a few tunes. Kyah filmed a bit and sent it to me. Emily is good. I am sure the “community” sitting around would have been quite happy listening to her play. Thank you Emily.


Girls, being girls, went to the makeup shops and  experimented with makeup. I saw the final product when I picked Kyah up and they both did a great job with colours and blending and highlighting and whatever else you need to do to have the makeup look natural and highlight what needs to be highlighted. Great job girls.

Again, today,  I notice Kyah is progressing even if just slightly. Moving through the house with a little skip on her right foot, not her left, but this indicated to me she is becoming slightly more confident in moving faster. One of the activities she did today for rehab was stand on one leg, on the foam pad,  with her eyes closed. She was able to stand without falling for 13 seconds on her left foot and 14 seconds on her right foot. Don’t get me wrong, she wasn’t standing up straight the entire time, she was faltering, but she lasted a long time without falling or having to put her other foot down. This is pretty amazing – it is a difficult task to do even on a hard surface. So this is very encouraging – her ankle stability is improving. I would love her left ankle to be stronger, more stable, and more flexible than her right. Then the psychological barrier will definitely be crushed.

Be still in the presence of the Lord, and wait patiently for him to act. Psalm 37:7 . We are waiting and it is slowly happening.  Our miracle is slowly coming to fruition.


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