The Arts Centre

Today after I finished work, we went to The Arts Centre, on the Gold Coast. They offer a fantastic program for children during the school holidays. Lots of the activities they offer you need to pay for, but lots are also free.

We met some friends there today and watched some free Pixar Animated Films. The films were about 5-10 minutes in duration each, and they were really good for kids. I am amazed at how it kept some kids, quite young, interested and quiet for a fair while.

After we watched a few short films, we decided to go and have a swim in the “beach” behind The Arts Centre. It was lovely.

All the kids got on really well  which was fantastic, and us mums sat and chatted while the kids played. Kyah was a seemingly normal child, running in and out of the water, on the sand, enjoying herself. If you looked at her, you would not have known she had anything wrong with her foot, apart from the strapping she has on. It is really a positive thing for Kyah to be socialising and not having to think about her foot.

The rehab she did today included some balance challenges on the wobble board and some kicking in the water, in addition to the running and jumping she did on the sand and in the water. Her left foot still appears to be more stable than her right foot when you compare the left with the right. She might have to focus on improving the stability in the right foot soon, to ensure it keeps up with the left!!

Thank you Kirsten, Karen and the kids, for a really enjoyable afternoon.




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