Thank You, Nika

Kyah went to dancing today with Nika Sheremetieva. She is improving… She has come so far in such a short time… Her confidence is improving slowly… Her stability on her left foot is better than that of her right foot already… She is able to do so much considering the injury she had just over 3 months ago.

Nika has been such a fantastic, patient, inventive, teacher for Kyah over the last few months. Kyah has attended dance sessions every week, sometimes sitting on a chair, with her foot in a cast, elevated because the injury was so fresh and the foot was so swollen and painful when it was down. Nika would be teaching Kyah her upper body technique, while Kyah sat. As the injury healed, Nika progressed Kyah to dancing with restrictions – minimal translation across the floor, no dance shoe on the left foot, progressing from ballet flats to pointe shoe on the right foot. Then again as Kyah was able, Nika progressed her more, to translating across the floor slowly and with control.

Nika has been such a blessing for Kyah; the entire journey Nika has not only made massive compensations when teaching Kyah, she has at all times encouraged Kyah and always spoken positively about Kyah returning to dance. Nika’s input has been such a positive influence in Kyah’s journey so far and both Kyah and I are so grateful to her.

Here is a short piece of Kyah dancing. Keep in mind she still has only got her right shoe on and is not very confident in going up on her toes on her left foot. Her horrific accident was just over 3 months ago and she is doing such an amazing job with her recovery.



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