Swan Lake

Today was again very challenging. Lots of “talking”/ “discussing” / trying to have each other see their point of view / “arguing” even!!!

The intention of this blog was to follow Kyah’s journey on her rehabilitation of her ankle injury, hopefully it would inspire someone or numerous people if they are in a similar situation. I have always found when I have been in a very trying time of life, I think: I am sure others have walked a path similar to this one and they have survived, if they can do it, so can I. I would like this blog to be for others in a similar situation to Kyah. Kyah can do it, so can you.

The journey is more than just physical rehabilitation and exercise. There is so much more to rehabilitation. I have been dealing with rehab clients for many years and it is amazing the psychology behind their healing. Their attitude to the injury is a main determinant in whether they recover fully or not.

Usually dealing with an elite athlete, compared to a professional athlete – their attitude is different, compared to a work cover injury – their attitude is different. The age of someone recovering from injury is also different. I am also finding the more I speak with people in the dance world the more I realise that injury often ends people’s careers, even before they begin…. Not that the injury was a career-ending injury, but the psychology behind the recovery and the injury itself is the restricting factor.

Kyah is totally able to do everything she needs to do physically. It is now a mental battle. This is the make or break challenge we are facing. No-one can do this but herself.  I am constantly telling her she is able and capable to do it all, but she has to believe it.

Today we went up to Brisbane and watched the Paris Opera Ballet perform Swan Lake. Again it was streamed live around the world. Their interpretation of Swan Lake was interesting.

Image result for swan lake free images

Image result for swan lake free images

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