Surviving COVID

Well the last five weeks or so have been very busy … when are they not?

Winter is here. Some mornings have been very cold – others have not been too bad. One morning when I was working I had this scenery. Pretty tough to deal with – it was so pretty – but a bit cold.

Kyah has been clocking up her driving hours. She has almost done 95 hours of driving, mostly with me. In Queensland, Learner drivers need to do 100 supervised driving hours. The plan now is to have a few professional driving lessons, to have them get rid of any bad habits I have managed to teach her and so they can focus on the important aspects of what she will need to know with regards to her driving test.  We tried to book her driving test for this week, but unfortunately, due to COVID, there is a backlog of driving tests that must be done before they take new bookings. It looks like she will have to wait another month before she is able to sit her driving test. I have noticed in the last two weeks or so, that I am not actually teaching her anymore. Her confidence is getting there and her ability is so much better. There is an occasional incident where we need to discuss what she may have done better, or that she did extremely well to react /respond the way she did. There are definitely some drivers on the road that do not consider other drivers and there are also some drivers on the road that really should not be driving. It is kind of good to come across these drivers when I am with Kyah, so she is able to learn the best way to handle these situations.

Kyah has finished her Diploma of Business. Well … she has been waiting for four weeks for feedback on module 7, she handed in module 8 two weeks ago and is now waiting on feedback and “Complete” for both modules. Once this is done, she is finished her Diploma. All she needs to do to complete year 12 is her English. Not long to go now and not too much for her to do. She is preparing to do the Pilates course so she can start work in mid December. She has an online component to complete, then it’s 8 days of face to face practical teaching. She also has to do supervised hours and then she is a qualified Pilates instructor. We both figure this is a great qualification to have for the future. It compliments her ballet very well.
She has returned to her regular Pilates sessions every week. During the school holidays she attended Pilates every day. She really enjoys it; I am so pleased she likes it and happily attends and participates. I went with her one day and did a workout. I am sure she loves laughing at how inflexible I am compared to her. Actually almost anyone is inflexible compared to her! She is extremely flexible and her strength has improved markedly.

She has had sore ankles for a few months now and the physio at QB has been treating her. Unfortunately she has not been relieving Kyah’s pain and discomfort. We had to go see a Sports Medicine Doctor, who requested ultrasounds on both feet, X-rays on both feet and an MRI on one foot. We only got an MRI on one foot due to the exposure to radiation and the thought that the pain is the same in both feet, therefore it would be the same issue in both feet. So the Sports Medicine doctor suggested the most sore foot have the MRI. We were happy with that suggestion.  So far the X-rays and ultrasounds have not revealed anything of note. We had to wait four weeks for the MRI, and now we are just waiting for the appointment with the specialist to discuss the findings. The unfortunate thing was that she wanted us to do nothing to help relieve the pain/discomfort/inflammation until after the MRI had been done. So Kyah has had to continue on for another 4 weeks with pain. But once the MRI was done I started massaging her feet and calves and I set up a foot spa today with salts and warm water. She said her feet feel a bit better, so that is good. I may have to start taking a more active role in Kyah’s well-being. I did not know her feet were sore and had been for so long, until we were at the specialist rooms and I heard Kyah talking about her issues. Is it neglectful if you think someone else is doing a job and you don’t check up?

The X-rays that were taken were of Kyah’s feet relaxed as she was lying down as well as with her in pointe shoes actually standing en pointe! Amazing to see an X-ray of someone en pointe.


Kyah has been to a few birthday parties over the last few weeks. She has had a great time. The girls in both level 1 and level 2 seem to get on very well with  each other. The dynamics with all of them and Kyah are really good. Kyah dances with level 2 and attends school with the level 1 kids, and she mixes really well with all of them. It is so nice to see.

I suggested to Kyah that during the school holidays she be in charge of the kitchen. 2 weeks of her cooking, washing, cleaning, making shopping lists, etc. She did a pretty good job of taking charge and feeding both her and myself. There were some days that the dishes were not done, but they were eventually attended to. I think it is great as a life skill for the to learn how to run and manage a kitchen while she is still at home. She even did the grocery shopping one day. So once school and ballet go back, it is back to me. I was actually enjoying the break for all the work!!

We have been car hunting a bit. It would be nice for both Kyah and I if she had her own vehicle, especially when she gets her Provisional licence. The time it takes for me to drive her somewhere and then drive back to where I need to be and then drive back to pick her up – well, it just takes a lot of time. Then from her perspective; it takes a long time to catch a bus to get somewhere, and it is awkward when she needs to carry all her stuff for dance and school. So, the sooner she can get her P’s and a vehicle the better.

Kyah has been asked to teach a dance workshop in the September school holidays. Kyah’s dance teacher from Port Stephens has asked if Kyah can run a contemporary dance workshop. This will double up with me teaching a core strength/stability/prehab workshop. So lots of preparing and planning for that will start soon.


We have done a massive cook up this weekend. School and dance start tomorrow. Kyah made some very yummy GF choc chip cookies. I made another large batch of protein balls. I also cooked a pork belly and a butterflied chicken. The plan with them is to make salads and add some meat to these. It just saves time for both of us and ensures we are eating relatively well most nights.

Heading into term three for the final year of school. It is hard to believe Kyah will be finished school at the end of this year.  She did miss one year of schooling, but even still, I can vividly remember her first day of school!

Eph 1:11-12 In him we have obtained an inheritance, having been predestined according to His purpose who works all things after the counsel of His will, 12 to the end that we who were the first to hope in Christ would be to the praise of His glory.



2 thoughts on “Surviving COVID

  1. Anne Herman says:

    Wow, cannot believe Kyah is finishing high school….how did that happen ? And driving, licence soon…..
    And, of course you are both so busy as always…..all the more challenging in these difficult times…….
    Stay safe…. in sunny Queensland…🥰…hoping for better days ahead…..

    • admin says:

      Yes, a whole new phase of life coming very soon. Driving independently really soon. I think life is just busy for all of us. Hoping you stay safe and well in NSW with this second COVID outbreak.

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