Strike 2!

I took Kyah and Emily ten-pin bowling today. They had lots of fun. Challenged themselves in a friendly environment. Kyah managed to get 2 strikes, which isn’t bad for someone that has done ten-pin bowling probably 5 times in her life! They chatted about their past week including school and dance, for Kyah, and figure skating for Emily, and discussed their settling in issues with their respective schools. They just seem to get on so well. It is really nice.

Kyah also saw another couple of her friends today that she used to dance with;  Emily (yes, another Emily) and Kyannah. We ran into them at the shops and they were all so pleased to see each other. They caught up on their stuff and basically they were so happy for Kyah that she is back dancing again. We plan to catch up with them soon.

I also ran into some friends from church today, that I haven’t seen for  a while and just chatting to them, they did not even know about Kyah’s accident. I told them the story and showed them the photos. They were so amazed at the testimony –  just over 4 months on.  How protected Kyah was and how blessed she is now to be able to dance already (not en pointe yet) and to not have to have an operation of any sort. Yes, God’s hand was, and is, all over Kyah.

Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses, let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles. And let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us, Heb 12:1

I managed to finish completely one of Kyah’s tutus for this year – totally finish it, headpiece and all. One down, one to go… so far. This year, we plan for Kyah to dance in an international competition in April in which she needs a rather specific tutu design. I have completed that one now, and the other one has had lots done to it, but still requires more work. This second one will be worn more through the year at most of her eisteddfod competitions.

I am finding that sewing the tutus and having Kyah make an input into the design on them has also helped keep her focus with her dance. It is a very time consuming task, but I think it is worth it. Kyah likes the final product and it is how she wants it, colours, style, patterns… custom made if you like. It does save me a lot of money in the long run and there’s a sense of satisfaction when it is done and it helps to inspire Kyah to continue with her journey.

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