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Kyah went to dancing today with Nika Sheremetieva. She just loves her dancing.  I asked her if she is enjoying the different style that she is now learning. Kyah simply loves it.

I noticed a few years ago that watching the Aussie Ballet perform compared to the Queensland Ballet, there was a major difference. I think (my opinion) QB are much more graceful and beautiful compared to the Aussie Ballet. I never knew why until about August last year.

Aussie Ballet generally perform using the RAD (Royal Academy of Dance ) style of ballet. QB perform using the Vaganova (Russian) style of ballet. There is a major difference in how they look on stage. Both Kyah and I love the Vaganova style.

Kyah is now doing this Vaganova style of Ballet, under Nika Sheremetieva.  Kyah made comment today that she is starting to feel more comfortable with performing the Vaganova style. The styles may not appear very different but they are (apparently) very different to execute. I can’t wait to see Kyah actually perform the Vaganova style. She was always beautiful to watch, I can only imagine how much more beautiful she will be when she performs Vaganoa style with a foot that is perfectly strong, mobile and stable. We both just pray that day won’t be too far away.

Until that day, Kyah needs to continue doing her rehab, strength work and stretching. She did some more today, it is all such good fun – I am sure she is overwhelmed with the fun she is having. The unfortunate thing is we both know it has to be done.




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