Some Real Exercise

Kyah needs to go to see the doctor again this week. We are both hoping that Kyah gets her cast off this week. It has only been 5 weeks today that her accident happened, but her foot is feeling so much better. She is able to more than partial weight bear. She can move her foot so much; the cast is almost totally moving, the swelling has obviously subsided even more than when she got the new cast on.

These are the physical signs it is time to get this cast off. The mental / emotional side is that Kyah is almost completely stir crazy. She is totally beside herself because she is unable to dance, expel energy, walk around, pretty much do anything physical. If anyone knows the chemicals that are produced in the brain as a result of physical activity they are dopamine and serotonin. These 2 chemicals are our “feel good” chemicals. For years Kyah has been releasing these chemicals and giving her a sense of well being.

For the last 5 weeks, she has not had access to these chemicals. Add to that the fact she is restricted with her movement, has had to sit and watch people dancing and not be able to dance herself, has to get me to get most things for her, so she has become almost totally dependent on me, most of her friends from dancing have not contacted her, she is feeling very anxious about what her foot will look like when the cast comes off and she is hopeful, but at the same time, concerned as to whether or not she will ever be able to dance again. The most important audition she had for this year is coming up this weekend, and she is missing out on this. All these issues and a few more very personal issues are weighing on her mind. Needless to say, a child with all this is not very pleasant to be around at some times.

Please God, can this cast come off this week. It would be a huge blessing for us if it did. Kyah would have a focus and can set some realistic goals for her rehab.

Walking along the foam balance beam.img_6360

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