Some More Climbing

Even though today was hot again, 35 degrees, we went to Planet Commando.

Lots of fun. We did the high, high ropes course. It was challenging and rewarding. The photos I have of the high ropes are not of Kyah or I, because you are not allowed to take your camera up with you for obvious reasons.So once we had finished we were sitting in the loft watching another group go through and I took some photos of them – thanks girls.

I think we both got a workout with the ropes courses. It is really good for Kyah to be doing things with her foot, using it in different ways and her not actually thinking about it or being able to compensate for it. So really, it is a method of rehab without her realising. Kyah also did the low ropes course and that is what she is doing with the couple of photos I have included of her.

When we got home, we were in the yard watering the vege garden and Kyah did a cartwheel! I was amazed. She injured her foot doing an aerial – a cartwheel without hands – so I thought she would be apprehensive to do a cartwheel. I realise an aerial and a cartwheel are performed at different speeds but it is a very similar action and movement. She did one. Apparently she has been doing them for a little while with Nika; because it is part of her choreography for her contemporary. This is good.

We discussed it this evening and Kyah said she would probably never do an aerial again. I think (hope) in 2 years’ time, Kyah will be back doing everything she had been doing previously. Mentally and physically, hopefully the wounds will heal with no scars.

Kyah finally sat in her pointe shoes tonight. I got her to put them on and sit in pointe to help stretch the foot and reassure the brain that position for her foot is safe and comfortable and do-able. It is such a mental issue now, I am trying to tell the brain it is OK to adopt a specific position. I am using scientific principles for stretching that I use with clients, so let’s hope it works for my child as well. It should.



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