Some High Ropes

Well another day of dancing today. This week is the first week of full time, lucky it is one day short for Kyah. She had Monday off.. so really only 4 days of dancing this week. Yes, she is dancing tomorrow too, which is good. Monday was a day for her to rest from the summer school. A nice way to ease into full time dancing.

Kyah is really enjoying the classes she is having with Nika which is great. There is no escape from the teachers’ eyes, so she cannot slack off. That is good.

After dancing, we went to a new business recently set up, called Planet Commando. It is an indoor recreation centre that offers a range of challenging high ropes courses and other fitness and strength activities. We had fun today. We only managed to get through a couple of the courses but we will definitely be back.

It is a great fun way to improve general stability, strength and confidence while challenging yourself and accomplishing tasks you did not think you were capable of. It’s great for a change and a challenge. Today was the first day Kyah competed a large rock climbing wall and the first time she has ever abseiled. She was pretty pleased with herself. We were crawling through tunnels, climbing ropes, swinging on rope swings, walking across metal cables a fair distance in the air, climbing over poles, walking across moving timber pieces strung by rope from above, trying to find our way out of a rather dark maze… It was all so much fun and rewarding. The exercise benefits will be felt tomorrow, I’m sure. (In other words: I am certain we will both be very sore from the different activity!). It’s good; exercising without realising.

For those of you looking for something different – this is great.  For those of you that see increasing your shopping time from 2 hours to 5 hours in a day your type of challenge – this is not going to appeal to you.


Kyah doing some rock climbing


Part of one of the courses 

Best thing is it is indoors, so we have no excuse not to attend because of adverse weather. Let’s see how the foot feels tomorrow.


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