Some Balance Fun

It’s Monday again, so that means back to work for me. Kyah went to Cathy’s and she took her up to dancing. Kyah loves her dancing and is such a happy child when she returns from it. At the moment she is not able to get in and practice much at home, incase she pushes too far and hurts her foot.

Kyah spent the morning and afternoon with Cathy and Darcey. She is definitely enjoying her time with them. This morning she helped clean out and reorganise Cath’y pantry. Something Kyah is right into at the moment – organising everything. I hope the enthusiasm lasts a few years – it helps to keep the house tidy.

I managed to have a 2 hour lunch break, so we went and did our final Christmas shopping. Neither of us enjoy shopping with masses of people, so we usually don’t leave these things to the last minute. We have left the posting to the last minute though… just the thought of waiting in a queue to post stuff is bad enough. Here’s hoping the actual is easier than the imagined. Must be done though.

Kyah has been doing her rehab, and I have suggested she progress a bit to “other” things as well; just to break up the monotony of it all.

The rehab can become very monotonous and boring after a while, especially when you are seeing only small improvements.

We think it’s OK to have a bit of a play while you are exercising, just to enjoy the whole process. Not only is this challenging, it is also an effective exercise –

is a great challenge for your abdominal muscles.


Kyah is off to the physio tomorrow so it will be interesting to hear what she has to say about Kyah’s foot again. We are hoping it is all positive.

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