Small Improvements

We are focusing on the little improvements Kyah is making each day.

Yes, the cast is off. Yay! One of the many positives of the cast coming off is that we don’t have to cover the cast with a garbage bag every time she showers. She is still sitting down in the shower at the moment, because she cannot fully weight bear on the foot, so we would rather err on the side of caution and have her sit. But her leg and foot can be washed now.

When she had the cast on, she had to sit with her foot elevated, so it was up on the bucket. Now she just sits and both feet can touch the floor. we are both very grateful for small mercies. No garbage bag is one of them.


This is how the shower was set up when she had her cast on. Now the bucket is not needed for elevating the foot. The throne.


The moon boot is being used throughout the day, especially when we go out or Kyah needs to move around a lot. Other than that, I am putting a compression bandage on her foot at night for her to sleep. The rest of the time, her foot is not in anything. She moves it as much as she can. She made a comment this evening, that it is starting to feel like a real foot again. It is starting to reduce in swelling, but the range in her foot is still very restricted.


At the moment, this is the extent of pointing (plantar flexion) Kyah is able to do.

I purchased an ultrasound machine today. As soon as it arrives we will use it every day for 15-20 minutes. This will definitely help with speeding up the recovery process. We won’t need to wait to see the physio for ultrasound.

I set up Kyah’s bike on the wind trainer and she did some pedalling with no resistance for about 5 minutes. She also did some partial weight bearing on a foam pad – this helps activate her proprioceptors, and therefore improve the stability in her foot.

All little steps in the right direction. Patience is a gift we are both learning on this journey.


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