Slow and Steady

This week has been a lot more positive than previous weeks. Kyah has had a lot of support around her – really nice people gathering around her to help improve her self belief and give her a bit of a sense of belonging as well as some fun. Thank you to everyone who has made a positive input into her life – it is so much appreciated and essential to a young person growing up.

Coming down after climbing the wobbly pole

We went up to Brisbane and listened to some of the dancers and staff of Queensland Ballet talk about their upcoming performance of RAW. Kyah really enjoyed that.┬áHearing 3 of the dancers’ perspectives of practicing and preparing for a performance as well as from the stager’s perspective and Li Cunxin was there co-ordinating it all. We are now very much looking forward to seeing the actual performance.

We met with a lovely young lady named Clare who may look at doing some work with Kyah so she can perform her solo dances throughout the year. Decision is yet to be made….

We caught up with some friends Taryn, Brooke and Connor on Friday and that was lovely. Kyah and Brooke get on so well and I think Kyah is really enjoying just being a “normal child”. Not dancing full time, not having to do her rehab and her practice every spare minute she has. I am amazed at the number of children out there that do actually focus on a goal they have, and don’t seem to miss the fun of growing up. I wonder if it will catch up with them at a later stage, or are they just wired differently to others….

We went to Planet Commando again and this time we did more than usual. I think we are overcoming the fear of the unknown and the height of some of the activities – so our nerves are more able to deal with more activities. It was a fun day.

Caught up with lots of people for coffees and meals, which was great. Usually these things get restricted to a minimum number each week because of time constraints, but at the moment, we have some time. We are both enjoying living a more “usual” life.

Yesterday we went Rock Climbing with some friends; Susan and Emma. It was a lot of fun. Some rather challenging activities and some just simply challenging. But all good fun. We are both still feeling massive side effects from the car accident we had in November 2016, which puts a dampener on the full enjoyment, but we don’t want to stop living because of neck and back pain.

Kyah is again at the dance school all day today; the same one from last week. She did enjoy it. The girls there are lovely and I think the fact she is around people her age is important to Kyah at this stage of her life. She received some very impacting compliments from a very well respected lady in the dance community, last week, so that definitely helped boost her confidence and belief in herself.

Let’s just hope we continue heading in this direction -so far so good.

Kyah and Emma

Climbing a very unstable ladder


Climbing a wall


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