Sinking In

Well, it’s been 17 days since we were told Kyah is accepted into Queensland Ballet Senior Program for 2018. It is finally sinking in for both of us. For so long we have been thinking about if Queensland Ballet didn’t come off, what Kyah should do, where she should dance, what productions she should audition for, specific competitions that would be beneficial for her, and so many other considerations. Queensland Ballet is where she has wanted to go for a few years now, and for some reason or other, there have been road blocks. Now the door is open and she is in! Yay.

A beautiful bunch of flowers given to us as a congratulations. Their beautiful scent wafted through the house for at least 12 days. Thank you Cathy and co for the gift.


We are now deciding the logistics of it all. We needed to send a letter of acceptance to Queensland Ballet. Hmmm, that wasn’t a hard decision. That letter of acceptance was sent off within a couple of days of receiving the great news.

Kyah needs to change schools, so she attends the school that is affiliated with Queensland Ballet, up in Brisbane. I am in the process of filling out those forms now. I have notified her current school she will be leaving at the end of this year. The hardest and biggest decision is: do I move up to Brisbane or does her dad. If her dad can get a full time job up there, then he will move up and Kyah will live with him. Otherwise, I need to look into me moving up there with her, finding a job, renting out our house.

Again, it is a waiting game for us. We are waiting on Kyah’s dad to find a job up there. However, we need to set a date for us to say that if Kevin has not been offered a job then I need to act. What date should that be?? Any suggestions, would be very much appreciated. I have already had some great ideas given to me for what I could do next year. It’s amazing, when you are in my situation, you think you have thought of all the options and then someone suggests something completely left of field and it’s a great idea. So, suggestions please.

We went to see Queensland Ballet perform their Prelude 2017, on October 22. This is the Senior students performing.  Basically it is year 12 graduating from this Senior Program. Both year 10 and 11 students also perform, but it is generally for year 12. It was a great performance. We watched it last year as well and thoroughly enjoyed it. This year was different. Kyah has a dear friend dancing in Queensland Ballet this year, Ebony, who you may remember went shopping with Kyah very soon after she injured her foot. So it was lovely to see Ebony dance – she did really well. I also think Kyah and I had in the back of our minds that she will be involved in that performance this time next year. Wow! It is slowly sinking in.

We have had friends stay with us for 8 days. That was lovely. Kept us busy. It is always good to catch up with nice friends. We’ve also had other friends have a sleep over so the parents could go to an overnight work function. We’ve had other friends come over for dinner. We’ve been out catching up with other friends for coffee, we went to see some friends of ours new home they have bought, we had lunch and a lovely long swim in their pool. Kyah has also been up to the theme parks on the weekends. So it has been a busy few weeks.

I made the decision to pull Kyah out of some dance commitments she had at the end of the year. I want to ensure she is totally strong, stable, and prepared in every aspect for next year. There is so much to do, school continues and has to be completed. Then she has a lot of things to pack up and sort out, along with continuing her dance training, prehab and strength work, as well as the essential socialising and just hanging out. So I decided to prioritise what I think she needs to focus on. It seems to have been a good idea, because Kyah has a little bit of spare time now, which is great.

Kyah also got her braces off this week. Her teeth look lovely and straight. They are all the correct length and shape and her mouth looks beautiful. 22 months with them on. Regular check ups and adjustments. Thank you Coastal Orthodontics for such a great result. Money (a lot) well spent!!!

We went and saw Peter Pan today. Performed by Queensland Ballet. Again, a fantastic performance. It was a very light ballet in the sense that the production has comedy in it and again, no tutu at all, similar to La Fille Mal Gardee. I am sure this type of ballet will attract another portion of the population – it is just so different to the traditional ballets. The cast we saw had David Power as Peter Pan, Mia Heathcote as Wendy, and Victor Estévez as Captain Hook. It really was a great show. Some of the roles would have been so much fun to play. Thank you to Queensland Ballet and all the dancers for a great afternoon.

Well, apart from the busy schedule we all seem to have now-a-days, at the moment there is nothing exciting planned in the next week. However, in a couple of weeks time we are in Sydney for the weekend. We are both looking forward to that. Hopefully things start falling into place for us and we can start preparing for next year, one way or the other.

So is my word that goes out from my mouth: it will not return to me empty, but will accomplish what I desire and achieve the purpose for which I sent it.   Isa 55:11


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    • admin says:

      Thank you Gwenda, Yes, there has been a few tough times. But doing the hard yards, will build character in Kyah and prepare her for the road ahead. xx

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