She’s 18!!!

She’s 18!

Well time does fly, doesn’t it?

Kyah had her 18th birthday at the end of last month. The “festival of…” is still going, but only slightly. Those of you we have known for seemingly ages, can you believe Kyah is 18? Some of you have known her all her life! She is now an adult. WOW!

Leading up to Kyah’s birthday, life was pretty busy with celebrations for my birthday and Mother’s Day. We were also preparing to go to Tangalooma Resort. There was lots going on with the usual work shifts that Kyah has now, us still doing final stuff to settle in – hanging pictures, rearranging rooms so they function better, figuring out where things are more suited to be stored so life functions a bit more streamlined. Not to mention the usual busy-ness of life itself. 

We have been ploughing through the little tasks that need to be done to help make our new house a home. I’ve made a couple of towel rails to hang; one outside near the pool, and a couple in the laundry. The ones for the laundry are a bit more funky than the one out near the pool. I had some beautiful hardwood that I sanded back and stained. Then just put them together so they function, and are not too fixed or formal. Something completely different and to add a bit of character to the laundry.  We just need to put them on the wall now, then that is a job done. The towel rail beside the pool is more simple and plain in nature and is already hung on the wall. 


Kyah is really good with organising and sorting and making things look aesthetically pleasing while being very functional. I just know where things belong, rather than making things “look” good. So between the two of us, we are getting there with settling in. The big one we have not yet touched is the craft/sewing/office room. It will be lovely to get it sorted, but it is a big job. You know the room you have where you just put things in there to be “dealt with later”. This is that room. Kyah is threatening to get it started tomorrow. Fingers crossed.

The gym is pretty much set up now. We are really happy with how it’s turned out. Kevin (Kyah’s dad) had to hang the big mirrors for me, but we were able to do the rest of it. More on Kevin soon. This is the gym from one angle. It is a great space to work in. 

We’ve had a few trips to the local shopping centres. We are so fortunate to have a few different ones very close by; no more than 10 minutes drive from us in different directions. Each centre has different shops and depending on what we are after, we go to the different centres. TK Maxx gets a good hit most weeks. In order to find, and get, a good bargain, you do need to visit there frequently. What a great excuse hey? We have a few friends that don’t have  a TK Maxx close to them, so they love seeing the  bargains that are available and we purchase. 

The trip to Tangalooma Resort was really good. Kyah had her friend Mackenzie come with us. They enjoyed hanging out together. We did the feeding of the dolphins, walks along the beach, loads of coffee and cake. The day of her birthday Kyah and I got up early and went for a walk along the beach to the shipwrecks. It was a lovely walk. It’s really not that far at all from the resort – about a 20 minute walk. 


It was funny because I wanted to surprise Kyah with the apartment set up with birthday decorations before she got up on her birthday. But she woke up earlier than me! We went for the walk together and the whole time, I am wondering how on earth I could set the room up without her being there. On the way back to the resort she got the morning phone calls from friends and family wishing her a happy birthday. So while she was chatting to Kevin, I raced inside and set everything up. It took a little while but she wasn’t able to get in because I had the swipe for the front door!!

When I finally let her in (maybe 15 minutes later) she was so pleasantly surprised to see the effort that had been made. It’s not everyday your child turns 18, so you want to make them feel special. Also, going to Tangalooma was the reason for the trip, so why not make the birthday celebrations the focus for the day.


We were booked in to do parasailing and quad biking on Kyah’s actual birthday. Unfortunately, the wind was too strong by the time we were scheduled to do parasailing. So we missed out on that – something for another time.  We went quad biking in the afternoon and it was fun. The longer we did the ride, the more confident we got and the faster we went. I had Kyah on my quad bike and Mackenzie was on tandem with someone else. The girls were not allowed to drive the bikes themselves,  because they did not have an open licence. Kyah and I had a pretty good time – I went up the side of all the corners as best I could and as fast as I could. Mackenzie and her driver seemed to be a lot more placid and did not go as fast or as high. The whole activity went for about an hour which was pretty good.

Here’s some pics of  what you can expect to see at Tangalooma Resort.  There’s lots of wildlife and most of it seems to be fairly comfortable with humans being quite close to them. 



That evening, we went to the BBQ Bar and Cafe for drinks and dinner. We got a cocktail for each of us. The barman was so good. We told him it was Kyah’s first legal drink. So he was very generous and kind and gave her a special cocktail and he did not charge us for it!!! He put a candle in it, and we sang “Happy Birthday” to her. A little bit of embarrassment never hurt anyone. Haha!


The food was absolutely amazing. We each had a rib eye steak with mushroom sauce, salad and fries. We all agreed it was the best steak, fries and salad we have ever had! Big call – but it’s true.



The three of us had a great time. The girls spent time together and I had time alone, which was what we all needed. We may go back to Tangalooma Resort again to do the things we did not get a chance to do. Time will tell. It is very close to Brisbane but once you are there, it feels like you are in a different world. A great place for a get away.

Kyah and I went to our dear friend Ruth’s house for another celebration for her birthday. It was lovely to see the ladies again and spend time with them and catch up on what has been happening in their lives. Loads of yummy food and great company. What more could both of us have wanted? Kyah felt very special and that is what matters.


We  went to Tweed Heads to see my Dad that same afternoon. He is going OK. It is hard for anyone to improve when they are in a nursing home. I understand the staff are really busy looking after the basic needs of each resident, but it is the mental stimulation they seem to miss out on. Kyah and I play “numbers”, “letters”, bingo, we do flash cards, we read to him  – we try to stimulate him mentally when we are there.  He responds really positively. It is amazing how responsive his brain is. It is also a shame that when his brain is not stimulated, he seems to deteriorate quite quickly, and even further. What a sad way to see your loved ones live, knowing there is nothing you can do about it.

We had a huge day the day we went to Ruth’s. On the way home from Tweed we popped into Miami Marketta to watch a client of mine perform in a band. It was nice to be out and doing something different. There was not too many people there, which was nice. We had more food (too much food for one day), watched Sam play, then we were home by 10pm. Very long day for us.

I mentioned before we are slowly making our house a home. Yesterday, we went to IKEA and bought a number of items for the house. Some barstools, floor rugs, drawers, mirrors, bath mats. Over the last couple of months we have done a bit of shopping; new lounge, occasion chairs, kitchen stuff, rugs, curtains, bedside lights. Yesterday was a bigger shop. We may not need to buy anything more for a long while.  Phew!!!

Kevin came up for a few days to celebrate Kyah’s 18th. He and Kyah spent lots of time together; shopping, coffee, dinner. It was really nice for them to be out and about and enjoying time together. I got some more “alone” time, which was wonderful. We loved the dogs being here as well. They seemed to like the new house and settled in quickly. It became apparent that the dogs are now Kevin’s dogs; they are not ours anymore. We could not ask to have them back – they need to stay with Kevin. So at some stage we will look at buying a poodle. At this point in time they are outrageously expensive, so we will wait for the price to lower.

On a sadder note: I have had a number of people contact me regarding abuse of some sort their child has experienced in the dance world. Not surprisingly, a few people have mentioned the same dance teachers!!! I wonder when the dance world will catch up to the “Me too” movement. I know not all abuse is sexual … but physical, emotional and mental abuse are also abuse and they can scar a person on many levels too. It is not OK for anyone to abuse anybody. At some stage the atrocious  behaviour of these people, and those that are trying to protect them, will catch up to them.

Luke 6:31 Do to others as you would have them do to you. NIV
Matthew 7:12 So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you, for this sums up the Law and the Prophets. NIV
Others say “what goes around comes around”.
We wait patiently for their comeuppance; we don’t need to do anything but wait.




4 thoughts on “She’s 18!!!

  1. Monisha says:

    Your gym looks amazing and looks like you and Kyah had a great time. I love the towel rail. It is something you could sell. Your home is going to be lovely with all the personal touches.

    Happy 18th Birthday.

  2. Anne Herman says:

    What celebrations…….and these will continue in the Bay…..Kyah is eighteen – unreal… did this happen ???? Such a wonderful celebration at Tangalooma…..Kyah must have felt very special…….it is a most significant BIRTHDAY……
    Your new home must be taking shape and you would be feeling like it is well and truly yours… is a lot of fun, decorating and getting things exactly the way you want….the gym looks huge, a great space….
    Thankyou for sharing……❤️❤️

  3. Kerrie Hains says:

    We did have a great time. Wen you come over next, you will definitely have to pop in for a stay. Hope life is going well in the UK.

  4. Kerrie Hains says:

    I agree Anne, How did this happen??? May the celebrations continue when she goes to see you next week.
    We can’t wait for you to come up and have some time here.
    Enjoy the time with Kyah next week. I know you will also make her feel very special – as she deserves. xxx

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