She Performed Beautifully

The Queensland Ballet Academy Gala for 2019  is now complete. There were four performances in total. Friday night, Saturday day, Saturday night and Sunday day. The week leading up to the busy weekend was rather hectic too. We had a new homestay arrive on the Sunday morning. All dancers had the Monday of school and dance and the entire week off school to prepare for the shows. Kyah used her time wisely; did a pilates class, some school work and rested on the Monday. Tuesday onwards she had 11-12 hour days. Leave home 9am, home by 10-10.30pm.

The change in routine was tough for both of us. We are usually in bed, if not preparing for bed by 8.30pm. So the late nights were a bit of a shock to the system, but it needed to be done. In preparation for a performance or competition, if you are performing / competing at 10pm, there’s no point training at 8am. You need to try to get your body to adapt to performing at the new time. So I figured that’s why they were working those hours. It may have been another reason totally, but I am sticking with that line of thought.

Anne arrived on Wednesday evening. So I had to pick Kyah up from rehearsals at 10pm and drive to the airport, pick up Anne, and then drive home. Anne had to wait at the airport for us to come to pick her up, but she knew that would be the case.. Kyah drove. She did well. Once we got home, we sat up for a short while chatting to Anne.

Thursday, we picked up another girl, Meg, (we did this every day that week), and drove Kyah and Meg to rehearsals. Then Anne and I volunteered for 2 hours at Queensland Ballet. It was their Giving Day. Queensland ballet were hoping to raise $2m in a 24 hour period. For every dollar that was donated, certain sponsors were quadrupling the amount. So Anne and I helped for a couple of hours with that. In the end QB were successful in raising the money they wanted. This money will go towards fitting out the new premises at Kelvin Grove State College. Hopefully it will be complete by early next year, ready for the academy students to use.

We picked Kyah up at 10pm. By this stage her dad had arrived, so there was more excitement in the air for her. I still had to work, so I got both Anne and Kevin working for me! They were preparing lunch for Kyah, doing the drop off and pick ups, and I had them do lots of food prep for us. It was almost like a commercial kitchen at one point. We had so much food being cooked, it was amusing. The freezer is now full of ready made meals for us to pull out and eat when we need. I think they will last us for a good 2-3 months.

On top of the meals made, chocolate brownies and protein balls were made. Some of these were consumed over the busy weekend. The rest are being consumed this week, while I recover.

Their first performance was Friday night. When Kyah came home, she was hyped up so it was difficult for her to settle and go to bed and sleep. Saturday was a hectic day: I had clients early. Kyah needed to be  at the venue by 10am. We had another homestay student arrive at 10.30am. A friend, Grace, arrived at midday, because she was coming with us. We left just after midday. Met up with Ruth, Clare, Kirsten, Annie, Deb and Eloise. We were all spaced around the theatre because we’d purchased tickets at different times. Me being the ardent mum that I am, managed to purchase tickets in the front row! Kyah is used to that by now – having me right in her face. Her biggest fan and also one of her biggest critics. The performance was great. Amazing talent, ability, technique, choreography, presentation, costumes, music, lighting, staging. It was great. Very much worth seeing.

Deb, a friend who came with us has been going to the ballet for many, many years. Her comment was that she “…forgot she was watching adolescents…” That’s a good compliment, one that I totally agree with. QB are doing a fantastic job of teaching these up and coming dancers.

The ten of us (Ruth, Clare, Kirsten, Annie, Deb, Eloise, Kevin, Anne, Kyah and I)  met afterwards, took photos, and then had burgers and a drink. It was so nice to see everyone and catch up on some of their news, even if it was only for a short while. We are both very thankful to everyone who came and supported Kyah as well as those who sent messages of well-wishes for her performances. It means a great deal to both of us.

Kyah had to prepare for the next show that evening, and we all headed home. Kevin (her dad) drove back to Newcastle. Anne and I sat around and waited for 10pm to come again, for pick up. This particular evening Jimmy Barnes was performing at Riverstage; right beside Gardens Theatre. Needless to say there was people everywhere and I got to hear a few songs from Jimmy while I was waiting for Kyah to come out.

Sunday was again another hectic day. Dropped Kyah to Gardens Theatre. Anne and I found the Northside Flower Market and bought some absolutely beautiful flowers. Believe it or not, they actually have a scent and as I am writing this, 4 days after the purchase, they still look as fresh as the day we bought them!!! We then went to church, had lunch with a group of friends, picked Kyah up at 4.15pm. Drove Anne to the airport. Drove home and Kyah unpacked from the busy week. Then I had to turn around and go back to the airport to pick up one of the homestay girls.

It was a very busy week and I am still recovering. Kyah had Monday off school, as it was a pupil-free day, so that gave her a bit of an opportunity to recover, which is great for her. Unfortunately, one of the girls coughed on Kyah all weekend and now Kyah is feeling a bit unwell, but we are hoping she can get on top of it by the morning.


The last couple of weeks leading up to the Gala week were also busy, but we had some fun activities thrown in there as well.

We went to the Queensland Museum to see the Space Exhibition. It was pretty interesting; lots to see, loads of facts and information about space travel. We spent almost 3 hours in there, so that should say something. That same afternoon we went to the movies and saw Ad Astra, with Brad Pitt. The movie was good to watch, especially after we had spent so long in the museum looking at space stuff beforehand. (It wasn’t planned that way – it just worked out it happened that way). So we had a very space-focused day. At one stage when Kyah was young, she wanted to be an astronaut, so it was very absorbing for her.

Kyah was asked to do a dance at church as a special celebration to pray for the Jewish people and Jerusalem. She looked beautiful, and her performance was lovely. She choreographed the dance a few days beforehand, so it was all totally her input. So many people gave her compliments afterwards about how they were in tears and deeply moved because the dance was so anointed. That was really encouraging for her to hear. I can imagine there will be more of that to come.

We are looking for a new place to move into. Where we are is really not that accessible with public transport. Even though we live 4.5km from the school Kyah attends, it may take her over an hour to get home some afternoons, because of the timing  and routes of the public transport. This is not really ideal. She had dance practice recently that fell on a public holiday, in preparation for the Gala performance. Kyah had to leave home with me very early so I could drop her to public transport that would get her there on time. I was working with clients, otherwise I would have dropped her in there. So, we need to look for a new place to live. That is taking a bit of our time at the moment. Checking places out on the internet, going to look at some of them…. My gripe: it is very interesting the measurements written on floor plans … for some reason they seem to be very exaggerated in some cases. I wonder when the real estate industry will get an overhaul. It is very disappointing to turn up to a place when you are expecting floor sizes to be 4.5m x 7.2m and you know by looking at the room that the measurements have been increased by 25% at least.

We went and watched a local dance school perform their end of year show. The intention was to see the standard the kids are at and what type of dance school they are; what genres they focus on, music selection, costumes and age appropriate dance moves. We were very pleased with what we saw and had the assurance that Kyah would be able to teach dance to the younger kids. This is something we want to look into her doing next year, so we are looking around now. Obviously, the dance school will also be determined by where we move to. But it doesn’t hurt to look.

We are now in the final term of school. Lots of things for Kyah to complete before the end of year. Dance exams will be coming up very soon. As yet they have not been told a date, but I can imagine it will be very soon. After that they then get told if they are accepted back into Queensland Ballet Academy for next year. We are hoping and believing for God’s plans to come to fruition. Everything is in His time.

Numbers 23:19-21  God is not human, that he should lie, not a human being, that he should change his mind. Does he speak and then not act? Does he promise and not fulfill? 

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  1. Anne Herman says:

    Such a delight to see Kyah perform …. beautiful dancing in such beautiful pieces…. I am in awe of all that Queensland Ballet Academy accomplishes with their students….
    Wishing you a wonderful finish to the year …..

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