She is Trying

Well, you have got to give Kyah credit. She is trying. She is trying really hard to get back to where she was before her accident. Her dream is to dance, her passion is to dance, and so many people have said she definitely has what it takes to make it in the ballet world. This injury was not a normal injury and it is very obvious there was other things at play to try to stop Kyah achieving what she is going to achieve.

The countdown is on. Only 20 days until Kyah participates in a summer dance workshop. We are hoping she has the strength, mobility, ability, stability, and endurance to last 5.5 days of dance. Lots more work to do before then.


This is currently as high as she is able to go on her toes. Yes, her ankle is strapped and this may restrict her range a bit, but previously she has been able to go a lot higher on her toes. Obviously a long way to go, but let’s keep believing she will get there. She has done a fantastic job to get to where she is already.

I received a comment today that was really not necessary. It was negative and derogatory towards Kyah. That is really unacceptable. Those of you that wish to make negative comments about Kyah and her injury: I will not publish your comments.

This blog is designed to help Kyah with her journey, knowing she has the support of friends and family and others that want to encourage her along the way. It is also intended to help others who may be facing a difficult time in their life; to look to God and draw from Him for everything they need. Please do not write negative, demoralising comments, keep them to yourself. If you do not like this blog, simply don’t read it.

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