She is Back on a Trampoline!

Well, 2017 is here and we need to make sure we make the most of every day we have.

Kyah has a five and a half day workshop in 2 weeks… I do hope her foot is strong enough to get through it and to last the distance. I think the strength endurance aspect of her healing will be challenged with the workshop. The best thing is that she does not have to go up en pointe, she will be able to participate in ballet flats. Let’s hope the ballet flats fit her foot! It probably won’t look too good if she is participating in a workshop with only one shoe on because the other one doesn’t fit.

2 weeks is a long time in a young person’s life. Lots of healing can be achieved in this space of time. I am hoping and praying.

We have come up with a little exercise program – every second day we are both participating in a circuit class that we set up at home. One day I set it up, the next session she sets it up. I am participating to help keep Kyah motivated and doing the work. The rehab side of the journey can become quite monotonous, so I needed to come up with an alternative, so I did… a circuit.

The circuit is a combination of stability and strength exercises. So far it has been successful; we have done it 4 times! I am hoping and praying that when the routine of life and work get back to normal, we are able to maintain the exercise sessions. Sometimes “life” really does get in the way.

I am amazed at how much Kyah has learned about exercises and programming and correct technique. I suppose it is because she has been around it all her life, it is second nature to her. The sessions she devises are really good.

Today, one of the exercises was running on the mini trampoline. Yes, she is back on a trampoline, but only a mini one!Let it be noted: this will be the largest trampoline Kyah will get on for many years to come… at least, that is the plan. There is no intention whatsoever of Kyah ever getting on a “real” trampoline again. Running on the mini trampoline is great for stability for her ankle, but also will improve the strength and range in her achilles and hopefully a little bit of endurance too.

We did a few other exercises in the circuit to help work on ankle stability and core strength today. It was fun. Let’s hope and pray the commitment and ability to fit it in, lasts a long time.


And though your beginning was small, your latter days will be very great. Job 8:7

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