Kyah is still improving day by day. At dancing today she had a few photos taken showing her in the retiré position on demi-point.

The pictures show the range in Kyah’s left foot on demi-point, (which is also total weight bearing),  has improved significantly.  Nika has reported this has improved noticeably even compared to a week ago.  Considering she is in full weight bearing on her foot in the demi-point position she is doing really well. Mentally and physically she is improving.

Her turn out is considered pretty good with her retiré leg. Her posture and position definitely shows the potential she has to be the ballerina she wants to be.

She must continue with her training and rehab in order to continue improving so she can get back to where she was and progress even further.

Forgetting the past and looking forward to what lies ahead. Phil 3:13



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