Rest & Pamper

Today was a day of “rest” & “pampering “.

I wanted Kyah to do some exercise, but her little body is sore. Her pecs, lats, shoulders, arms & hands are sore from using the crutches. Her left leg is sore from the introduced weight bearing.

We compromised: she stretched while she was doing a little bit of balance work & weight bearing!

Her foot that has not seen a shower for weeks now, was looking quite rank. It is constantly shoved in a garbage bag to prevent it getting wet in the shower – this fibreglass cast cannot get wet. The state of her foot was obviously bothering her, so I set her up to scrub her toes & whatever part of her foot she could reach.

She scrubbed, rubbed, cleaned & felt so much better afterwards.

Tomorrow will be some serious exercise, if I have anything to do with it! Today has been a reprieve for her. I suppose we are both learning lessons now… I learned to ease up with the exercise. ?img_6299img_6340

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