Recovering Again…

The last couple of weeks have been a bit of a struggle again for Kyah.  She is very much an optimistic, very positive person, but I think the blow of injuring her foot again (even though it was totally unrelated to the previous injury), set her back mentally again.

Unfortunately she tore some of the ligaments in her left ankle when she was en pointe, 16 days ago, just before a performance. We were desperately hoping it was only a sprain, but, it was worse. So she was most upset when I told her I would not allow her to perform in  A Midsummer’s Night Dream, with Byron Ballet. She had spent lots of time rehearsing with them and thoroughly loved the whole experience.  She really enjoyed the girls and the teachers and just seeing a production come to life in such a short time was really exciting and enjoyable.

So when I gave her the bad news, Kyah was very upset. But I think she knew deep down that there was no way she would be able to perform anywhere near properly with torn ligaments. One afternoon, she said to me that she was able to stand on pointe in her shoes so I got her to show me, and she put her pointe shoes on and stood up en pointe holding herself up with the crutches we still have!!! That looks great Kyah, but how do you expect to dance with crutches???

Reality said, she had to pull out. The cast and crew of Byron Ballet were also very upset for Kyah and the production. Kyah was definitely a part of their team.  Yvonne was wonderful and allowed Kyah to assist with the performances. This was great for Kyah. Thanks so much Yvonne.

Kyah is looking forward to the next production – hopefully it won’t be too long before rehearsals get started, but Kyah needs to be fully recovered…..

The last couple of weeks have really been about rehab again for Kyah. This time it is different rehab, because it is ligaments, not some horrendous fracture dislocation with no soft tissue damage to deal with. The recovery time is about 6-8 weeks for full recovery, but she is improving each day. There has been no dancing and Kyah’s mood has been quite low. I suppose when you are unable to do the very thing that is your identity then you do feel like there is something missing, and it has to affect your mood and general demeanour.

Kyah missed a big dance comp last week due to her injury, and again she was most disappointed. There are a few more coming up over the next 4 weeks that she will have to miss out on as well. Again, disappointing for her. The first positive she has had regarding dance since May 24, is that she will go to dance again tomorrow. No pointe work, only flats and see how her foot feels. She is pretty excited.

Kyah and Emily went to Holoverse at Southport yesterday. It is a place that does these virtual reality holograms. Emily’s mum and I  were fortunate enough to be able to go in to the cubicle  with our girls and watch their  session with them. It was absolutely amazing. Both girls, and mums,  loved watching it – it was educational and interesting.

There are lots of things upcoming that we are hoping Kyah is able to participate in – some of it we know she can’t (like I have already said), but other stuff, we are hoping she will be able to – 3 workshops that are upcoming very soon. Then more eisteddfods. Let’s hope and pray.

Apart from the rehab, we have been quite busy with catching up with friends, doing breakfast, dinner out, friends over for dinner, shopping, coffee, school work, and everything else life throws at you.  We are going to see a Queensland Ballet performance this coming weekend. That should be a good distraction for Kyah.

We would both like to say that our thoughts and prayers are with you at this time, Julie. Losing a loved one is tough and we know Stan was your absolute best friend, and mate. You and he were both so admirable fighting the very tough fight that eventually beat him. We can both only start to imagine how much you will miss him and we are praying that your healing journey is filled with pleasant memories of times you and Stan shared together.

But the Lord stood at my side and gave me strength. 2 Tim 4:17


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