Queensland Ballet Graduation

Today was a busy day filled with social events. Kyah had a sleep in.  Very much needed. At lunch time, we caught up with some friends – Susan, Ezra and Emma. It was Susan’s birthday. Happy birthday Susan. Lunch at North Burleigh  – it was lovely.

Then we headed up to Brisbane. We knew Kyah would not have time to do proper rehab today, so it was the Tens machine in the car on the way to Brisbane and on the way home.

We watched the Queensland Ballet Academy 2016 Senior Program Graduation performance. It was fantastic. A late night getting home but, it was worth it.

In the intermission, we did a bit of rehab – slowly and correctly (as best she could), up and down the stairs to the entrance of the Playhouse. We managed to do this 8 times. I suppose, if you see a chance, take it. We did.




I measured Kyah’s foot yesterday and it is still showing the same girth as a month ago. The boney points have not reduced as yet. The ankle has reduced 1cm, so the cankle is definitely going.


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