Putt Putt

Today we went to Putt Putt with Emily. It was a hot day and we played the water course. It was much cooler with the water around us and the umbrellas for shade. Fortunately, no balls went in the water.

For the first time ever, Kyah got a hole in one! Not just once, but she got one 3 times! Happy girl.

After that, we wandered around Pac Fair for a while and looked in some rather expensive shops; Prada, Tiffany and Co and Louis Vuitton, to name a few.  Then we came home and Kyah did some more choreography while Emily was her graceful student.

Kyah did lots of rehab in the late afternoon and her foot is slowly improving. Very slowly. It is such a long, slow journey, but one that must be walked. Only time will tell if Kyah is able to ever dance en pointe again.

img_6619   img_6620

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