Well, today Kyah went to dancing again. We are trying to get  a bit of endurance in her foot in preparation for next week when she is at the summer school. Since her accident, she has danced intermittent days, never 2 days in a row. The summer school goes for 5.5 days. That will be a lot of dancing for Kyah. We are hoping her foot copes with the demands. I am pretty sure she will be able to sit out of some things and rest if she is feeling sore and tired. There has been lots of prayers for her strength endurance; let’s see how Kyah goes.

Kyah is supposed to be participating in a competition in New Zealand in April, 2017. We are all thinking and believing Kyah will be able to participate. The only limiting factor will be if Kyah is not able to dance en pointe. That is one criteria for this competition; the one that may limit Kyah’s participation. We are hoping by April she will be great to go.

Nika has been great, with the repertoire and choreography, and has at all times, spoken positively for Kyah participating in this competition. Kyah has been practicing specific repertoire for the competition and I have almost completed her tutu for her repertoire. All the preparations are happening. We are believing Kyah will participate. Kyah is seeing the preparations happening so hopefully it will instil in her the confidence to continue on and know that she is ready mentally, emotionally and physically to participate in the competition.

As part of the requirements to participate, we need to provide a head shot of Kyah sent over for the program. Today, Nika did Kyah’s makeup and Nika’s husband, Karl Neal, took some photos of Kyah. I think the photos are all fantastic. Here is one of them. Both Nika and Karl have done a wonderful job; Kyah looks more beautiful than usual.


Karl Neal, Photographer

The journey is a long one, and we need to stay positive and focused on where Kyah is going; this definitely helps Kyah stay positive.

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