Plantar Flexion is Improving

Well first day back at school for most children. Normality again.

Kyah did some dancing and a bit of rehab today. She is still commenting that her fibula is sore. I am assuming it is because the muscles that attach to the fibula have been really affected in this whole injury and after doing 5 1/2 days of dancing they would be a bit fatigued. I’m certain there is no damage done to anything.

There is a huge psychological barrier Kyah needs to get over in order to make a come back. Understandably, she is very fearful of re-injuring her foot. I can pretty much guarantee she will never do the same injury ever again.

We went and saw our doctor today, Dr Jason, and showed him the photos the ambulance staff took of Kyah’s foot. He was so encouraging toward Kyah that, yes, she had a horrific injury, but he is even more so impressed with her remarkable recovery. He is just so encouraging, it is really nice. Thank you Dr Jason.

We did the knee to wall measurement today for comparison from previous results.

November 22, 2016  left foot: knee to wall measurement was 3cm, right foot was 13cm.

December 6, 2016m left foot: knee to wall measurement was 9cm, right foot was 13cm.

Today, January 23, 2017, left foot: knee to wall measurement is 11.5cm, right foot is 13cm.

At least the right foot is consistent! More importantly, the left foot is improving; slowly but surely.  This time the improvement is less, but it is always the last bit that is the hardest. At least she is improving. This test measures the flexibility in the achilles and the range in the ankle joint itself.

We also looked at plantar flexion (pointing of the toes), range too; just to see how the total range in her foot has improved.

Here are the photos of the comparisons:


Taken November 11, 2016


Taken December 26, 2016


Taken January 23, 2017

While there is progress, we are happy. The strength and control in her foot is obviously much better than what it was. She seems to be more forceful and determined in activating the correct muscles in order to execute the movement.

We are just hoping and praying and believing her foot will more than fully recover.

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